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  1. Hi all.

    I wanted to ask what is your favourite/best ACAAN version? Or your top 5 or 3 ACAAN versions?

    Mine are:

    2. Barrie Richardson's ICAAN
    3. Subtle Scam by Tommaso Guglielmi

    Again these are my preferred ACAAN's.

    P.S. If you want you can share your opinions on what you think about my top 3 ACAAN's as well. It will add to the discussion, and obviously share your own favourite versions, and tell us why you like/prefer them?

    Many thanks.
  2. Well for CAAN, I have the Grail by Mike Rose and it's pretty good, although I find that it is possible to stuff it up if you are unlucky. I'm looking at getting Andy Nyman's Insane even though it is more of an open prediction type effect as it seems to be more self contained rather than having a set up deck.
  3. For CAAN I prefer Think by Shin Lim, because it's very similar to The Grail, but it's even better. Think is hands off, unlike The Grail. Nevertheless, both are awesome effects. I love method 3 to perform Think, because again it's hands off, AND it uses no duplicates or gimmicks.

    For OP my favourite version is also Insane by Andy Nyman. It's a very good version of OP, and if you modify it a bit so it suits your style of presentation then you can make it hands off, and all done in the spectators hands.

    P.S. Let's try to stick to ACAAN, rather than jumping to CAAN and OP :D
  4. Ive played with a few ACAANs but my favorite and the only one I use now is YAMFACAAN. Its impromtu and could be done with a borrowed deck immediately after the spectator shuffles, can you really beat that? Some other versions may come across cleaner to other magicians but they require multiple decks or gaffed cards etc, but to a layman, Wilson's version is the same and It can be done any time any where with any deck.
  5. True that. Idc if YAMFACAAN is hands on. Many people try to find the perfect ACAAN, however if you're a good performer a layman won't realize the difference between a hands off ACAAN and a good hands on ACAAN, namely YAMFACAAN. People want the perfect ACAAN for Magician's only. Magician's can realize the difference. However layman are our main audience not fellow magicians, afterall.

    YAMFACAAN look very clean, imo. If you're a good performer you can manage to perform it to the same spectators 3 times in a row. The first time around it's a def fooler. It's 100% impromptu. Not only that, it's also extremely simple. A person with no experience in Cardistry and Magic can EASILY perform it. It's that good :)

    Might not fool Magician's though but oh well. Layman are our main focus, and it will fool them :D
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    I do not own it yet, but CAANDY by Chris Mayhew looks really good! Does anybody own CAANDY? I'd really love to see what your opinion is of it. Thanks
  7. CAANDY is a good ACAAN effect, and well, it plays with a different method than what is usually presented in this thread, but yeah, if your up for it, why not...Hope this helps.
  8. CAANDY is a CAAN, as far as my info goes. Is it that good tho?
  9. For true ACAAN plots: Barrie Richardson's "Any Card at Any Number" from Theater of the Mind is top-notch and very clean. Patrick Redford's "Hands Off" is also very clean and very deceptive.
  10. The one that's described in Mnemonica is the one I do the most.

    My favorite is probably the half stooged version described in Racherbaumer's At the Table.
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    ACAAN, not in my cup of tea, but I do it sometimes BY requests. I prefer CAAN and OP instead, because I like the idea of Prediction and ACAAN combined. For example, some CAAN's are prediction-related like Think by Shin Lim. OP is already prediction-related.

    My favourite ACAAN's would be YAMFACAAN, because of its simplicity. Also the Berglas Effect is amazing, but it's very difficult and is aimed at more serious ACAAN workers (not me ;)). As I said I prefer CAAN's, so my besties would be Think by Shin Lim, and Barrie Richardson's Impromptu CAAN. Barrie is a great magician !!!

    For OP I prefer Thomas Baxter's Brrr! It is an OP variant, and is included in the book "The Open Prediction Project". There are over 50 OP effects included, along with Brrr! This OP is very simple, and easy. And it's 100% hands off !!! :)

    That's my opinion, hope it helped :D

    P.S. Another really good ACAAN is John Born's Meant to be, HOWEVER it is not for everyone. If you're serious about ACAAN then give it a shot, if you aren't then stay away !!! I say this, because the effect requires A LOT of prep. In the end it's very effective, because it looks like the cleanest ACAAN effect out there. Meh for me it's a bit too much work, as I'm not really serious about ACAAN. But you might be interested, and if you're that serious about ACAAN, then this is your best shot mate :)
  12. Boris Wild's ACAAN, by far the cleanest version out there, and probably the most complicated lol
  13. Boris Wild's ACAAB (Any Card At Any Birthday) is good. However the deck is briefly displayed at the beginning of the trick, and then it's put into your pocket for the rest of the performance. It comes back into play at the end of the trick. I don't like the idea of the deck being pulled out AFTER the card and number have been named. For it to be a very good ACAAN, the deck should be in view for the entire performance (not in your pocket, etc). Nevertheless it's a good ACAAN, and it's better than many others :D

    If you're interested in it, here is the performance video:

    That was the full performance. No editing and camera cuts !!! You see what you get. If you liked the performance, then surely you'll enjoy the method. This gives you an idea on what your taste regarding ACAAN is !!! :D
  14. I know the method ;)
  15. Then I'm sure you know how awesome it is ;)
  16. My favorite is Asi Wind's ACAAN.

    You can learn is in his booklet "Chapter one"
  17. Use a flippen index and muck it.
  18. After playing with some of Dani Daortiz ideas, I came up with a version of acaan. No prep, no sleights.

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