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  1. Hey folks.
    I recently bought Ice Cold by Mitchell Kettlewell and it's a very good concept, but I perform a lot of slight of hand with cards and I ofted have just one deck on me or maybe 2 (second being invisible deck). I like to talk a lot and engage with audience so I don't really wanna think about numbers and such. So I just wanted to ask if you could recommend some good acaan routines for me to check out. H.G. Effect by Shawn Farquhar really cought my eye so I would like to hear thoughts on it or just recommendations for and good acaan.
    Thanks :D
  2. I tend to recommend this a lot when asked. However, Psyche by Turner is a pretty decent one.
  3. I sometimes take Gary's spelling trick from the royal road and change it to fit an ACAAN principle.
  4. I've also purchased ice cold acaan some time ago, great effect, I would recommend you work at it a bit more and if it helps to change up the presentation a bit so you could do what's necessary to do... Also imo the best and cleanest acaans use these type of methods look at Asi Winds acaan for example which in my opinion is the best acaan on the market...
  5. Patrick Redford has some excellent work on the plot in his book Applesauce. A few you can do with a completely shuffled deck as well.
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  6. Darn Josh, you beat me to it!

    Applesauce is amazing. I cannot recommend it enough. I bought it for $60, but you can get it for $45 on Penguin Magic right now. The rest of the effects in the book are fantastic as well.
  7. If you as me what ACAAN routine is the best i would definently recommend you check ouy Asi Wind's work on ACAAN. Not only is the method ingenius but he really goes in depth to make you understand not only how it works but why it works.

    -Not that this take on the ACAAN without giving anything away is taught with "Juan Tamirez" so if you get that reference you are good to go.
  8. Popay, I'm curious which ACCAN you chose to learn? The HG Effect is the only one listed that can use a borrowed shuffled deck and has no memorization, stack or complicated math. I'm a huge fan now of the ACCAN principle and always looking for other people's insight into what makes it a great effect and how to present it. I'm truly curious which one you chose and why...
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  9. From the way you said it HG effect would be perfect for me. Because I like to have just one shuffled deck with me and that's it so I would like to do ACAAN when I feel like it with no preparaton what so ever like other decks with stacks or something like that.
  10. I use SCAARN. It's impromptu, no setup and can be done in the specs hands.
  11. There are definitely some excellent versions, as have been mentioned here. My particular favorite is I.C.A.A.N. by J.K. Hartman. It's in his latest book, Card Dodgery. It's a unique and entertaining take on the plot.
  12. I'm looking into this HG effect. It's your job, but you do it so incredibly well.
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  13. I see what you did there. Very clever lol

    And I checked out the HG effect and it looks absolutely sick
  14. Hey,

    What do you all think of Project ACAAN 2704 by Italian magician? Have you seen demo on youtube? Any ideas?

  15. The addition of an extra deck and random number generator app is convoluted and adds nothing to the plot or existing methods.
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  16. I think it can be done with 1 deck, and without an app, if so I would like the creator to
    come here and show us with a demo using no phone and 1 deck, if this is possible then it might be good
  17. The creator spams that trick all over the place, and I strongly suspect you're involved with it considering how this went down last time in the Cafe and here. He's just trying to sell his extremely over priced trick.
  18. Cristopher, someone saw my effect and decided to speak well of me and I proved I'm the only one in the room and the only deck in play is the one I'm using. so once again. if you don't believe, then that's your opinion. I am only showing people bc they ask. I REPEAT THE APP ITS NOT IMPORTANT..ANY NUMBER 1-52 YOU CAN TELL..THE DECK ITS ALWAYS CLOSE VERY STRONG WITH RUBBER!!!1 in 2704 CHANCE.

    Messia della Magia
  19. Still selling it for $500?

    My point is that you are the only one in the video. How difficult would it be to make it look perfect if no one else is involved?

    Also - this is the same person who claims to have purchased the trick on the Cafe. If they were telling the truth there, then why don't they know if the app or second deck is required? Can you see why I'm suspicious?
  20. I am not involved, but I do feel that there are numerous AcAANs available, I for one use Ice Cold CaAN and Crusade, as well as a few others, just think that for this 1 deck and no app is better in real world, and I think its possible if creator can show a demo of this without App and any number 1-52, and deck sealed with rubber band, then we might be on to something where the effect will feel different and not just 1 guy with cards and a phone. My opinion. I am sure my request is possible

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