Ace Design (Cleaner?)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ReapingDevil, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Incredible! You're freakin' amazing at this stuff! lol
  2. You should put it up on deviantart sometime, would certainly fave it.
  3. 2 words: BAD ASS
  4. That is definitely amazing! I can't wait to see some more of your work. :)
  5. that is Dam cool
  6. That's very nice, I like it a lot. It does look a lot cleaner from the first.

    Always nice to see another T11'er from Vancouver as well ;).

  7. I actually said WOW when I saw that load.

    It's good to see people hand drawing designs instead of using the computer
  8. wow indeed. very nice.
  9. Yeah, I wouldn't care for a deck of cards that look like they were drawn by hand. Nice artwork, bad idea.

  10. Damn thats awesome!!

  11. what do you mean?

    thanks everyone =)

    ps. i guess ill up on deviant? xXReapingDevilXx
  12. Very nicely done...I like it.
  13. Fansalot: I don;t think that this iws a deck idea...just a drawing he made.....
  14. anyone got suggestions if i were to ?
  15. render it on the computer to make it cleaner. and make more card designs and send me a free deck or 30 haha
  16. uh, yeah. not sure how to do that =P
  17. how many are there >.>
  18. Don't exactly know how many but, I know at least 8 or 9+ some don't go on T11 but, some do.

  19. Get out of town!
    I sure as hell would, especially if they were drawn like this.

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