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  1. Hey guy's a few week's ago i gave myself a challenge and i will admit i did fail at posting the results of the challenge, but i have been over the weeks drawing more and more ace's, so now i am ready to send them to who ever want's them, i have 15 to give away below is a list of them, i want to give these away for free so everyone can enjoy the true artwork of some card's, the ace's were colored in and drawn on plain white paper and placed in a frame.


    -Wounded warrior ace
    -Dan & Dave smoke and mirrors ace
    -Ace Fulton ace
    -Rebel ace
    -Archangels ace
    -Jerrys nuggets ace
    -Guardians ace
    -Tally-Ho ace
    -Standered ace
    -Bee ace
    -Monarchs ace
    -Charity water ace
    -Steampunk ace
    -Mechanics ace
    -Robocycle ace
  2. No pictures?
  3. I have them and they will be up tomorrow.
  4. Dan & Dave smoke and mirrors ace
    Ace Fulton ace
    Rebel ace
    Archangels ace
    Guardians ace
    Monarchs ace
    Charity water ace
    Bee ace

    If they're not already gone, i'd like these. Well, clearly i can't have all of those, but i'd like some if they're still available.
  5. i'd love to have the archangels ace. when you posted the original challenge i was excited for it and it would be awesome to have one.
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    If you still have it, Id love either the D&D, Archangel, Guardian, or Ace Fulton Ace!
  7. Hey everyone, due to a giveaway at my local magic shop there are some gone but please do not worry they can be re-drawn, everyone will get the ace they asked for, now drawing it and getting the detail in there however will take sometime, i do have some ace's left and you are more then welcome to pick from those as well.

    -Wounded warrior ace
    -Mechanics ace
    -Robocycle ace
    -Jerrys nuggets ace
    -Monarchs ace
  8. I would love to have the smoke and mirrors ace, I've just had my room decorated and this would make it complete. This is depending on whether my parents will let me, but if they won't it will go on my Christmas list, I'll hopefully get it one way or another ;)

    Thanks :D
  9. I would love the guardians or steampunk, big fan of both decks :)
  10. The Monarch's Ace of Spades would be awesome. I didn't read the original post. Are you selling these, or just giving them away? Either way, this is awesome.
  11. The Mechanics Ace would be amazing, if you're just giving these away. This is an awesome idea.
  12. Surely it would have been easier just to read it rather than making a response. The question is answered not even half way through the OP.
  13. Ok guy's just PM the ace's you want and give me a little time, i will PM you back once they are finished.

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