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  1. Hey youssss what's going on from Atlantic City New Jersey !! So I have been a custom natural stone tile contractor for over 18 years and a inspired practicing I repeat I repeat practicing LOL card card magician for nearly a year now. I mean I just straight-up fell in love with magic not the attention not the moves but just straight-up magic that somebody like me could cause so much wonder and amazement and somebody and brighten their day. Okay anyway I have this great idea that I use and I korporate the ACR routine into my business estimates say when I go look at a custom bathroom Stone installation. First I asked to customers if they don't mind if I show them a card trick to kind of break the ice so when they pick their card I say you know what if you don't mind can you write my company's name on that card so every time that card pops up to the top it's like a mental advertisements and look there's that darn so-and-so business keeps popping up trying to get your attention. Then at the end of the trick with that card I do the David Blaine shapeshifter and it changes into another card with the word deposit written on it with a bunch of question marks after on it. And of course I play stupid and say oh yeah we got to talk about the deposit Nine times out of 10 they laugh and it really breaks the ice and eases the tension with talking about the subject of money and especially about a homeowners giving a contractor a deposit but a well reputable one at that. You know I should see I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't mind if I recorded like a live estimate scenario and you guys could see some of the reactions and I've gotten so many great successful jobs out of it and I give a lot of that due to the ACR routine. So question is do you guys think that's a great idea and my taking magic out of context do you think it's stupid does it sound stupid to you ?? I really care what you think because I've been inspired by all you guys on here I've been reading the forums for years but never have actually joined. Got any cooler or better ideas you can throw it somebody in my situation that would help say close the deal ?? Any help is greatly appreciated and sorry about rambling thanks - Ry
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  2. If it is working 9 out of 10 times, it is a great idea. I can see that working or completely failing depending on your personality. I know a guy who works in sales and every time he visits a customer the now ask him to do magic. What is important is that you are incorporating it into your sales presentation rather than using it instead of your sales presentation. Also, you have the experience to back it up -- your not trying to use magic to sell something you aren't otherwise qualified to do.
  4. Reality One,

    Very well said thank you very much for wording it that way I never really looked at it like that. Anyway yes I'm a totally goofy positive and very very very funny person. I'm the type that just seems to get along with everybody I'm a total Chatty Patty stuck inside a man's body LOL. Just the type of person where throughout my whole entire life this probably one or two people I can think of that actually dislike me. But yes you're very true this doesn't the possibility of failing but do believe I have the people skills to recover just thank God that has not happened yet but you're right were only human and I guess it's just a matter of time maybe. And actually happened by mistake one day originally deck of cards fell out of my estimate bag cuz I guess I was playing with it one day when I had a few minutes and it fell on the floor when I pulled out my notebook in the customer said I know you like to play card games and I said no actually I'm in love with doing and creating Magic. And then boom I just took off in there and the idea hit me. I literally just I can't say I practice for hours just there's always that deckd in my hands all day pretty much LOL. Omg, my hands are holding cards more than my fiance's now......shhhhhh***..... Anyway thanks again for your reply and have a great weekend. Quick question because I'm new on here do you know anybody that's from or around New Jersey area ?? Would love to meet up with like-minded magicians / card conjurer's and just start developing friendships with people that are in this ???? Thx.
  5. Welcome! Your idea is far from stupid or out of context. I think (and I doubt I am alone on this) that it is a very creative and resourceful idea and use of magic. So, since you asked for other ideas you could potentially incorporate, I was thinking that you could have your business card in the card box and on the blank side of it, have the words, "You will choose the ace of hearts" (or some other low spot card that has room for them to write the name of your company). Force the card written on your business card, instead of having them just pick one, and have them write your company name on there just like you have been doing and proceed with the AC routine as usual. At the end, after you have transformed the card into the Deposit? card by the shapeshifter change, ask them to please hold the Deposit card for a moment. Act as if you just remembered something. open the card box and pull out your business card, prediction side facing up (in other words revealing that you predicted what card they would choose before even starting), but not yet revealing that it is actually your business card. After they react, maybe say: "Well, the Ace of Hearts was your card - I'd like to give you my card." Turn the business card over face-up, showing that it's your business card and hand it to them. Then talk deposit. Just an idea...

    Oh one other possibility - Since you have established a lot of good will and a reputation, you could ask some of your former customers if it would be OK if once in a while you could use them as a reference for a prospective client. For the ones that say yes, you could have several names and their phone numbers or maybe e-mail addresses printed on a blank-tace playing card, which has a matching back to the deck you are using, and with the words "satisfied clients" written at the top. Then, after revealing the prediction and giving them your business card, shake the box upside down letting the card fall into your hand face down, saying, "Hmmm, it seems there is one more card in there. Then turn it over showing the names and numbers and/or emails and give that to them as well, telling them they can feel free to contact those people or companies.
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  6. Al e Cat Dabra

    Oh my gosh you are a genius thank you so much !!! This is the reason why I'm so thankful and grateful I joined a site like this because it's people like you who mean well and understand that people aren't abusing the rewards of knowing card magic. It's these ideas and positivity like yours that make people like me realize people aren't selfish and actually will help others especially, in the magic community. I'm going to incorporate your idea somehow and will gladly let you know how it goes or maybe even record a live session, and you can see for yourself your idea being in use. Anyway, thanks sooooooo much for your response. Now, time to work on my pass, lol. Thank God I have the advantage of being tall and bear mitts for hands, haha. Hope all is well - Ry
  7. I'm from the Princeton area (not exactly close to Atlantic City). I remember there being a SAM or IBM ring in Cherry Hill. There is a magic theatre / magic shop in Hunnington Valley ( that has lectures. Also, if you are willing to go to Valley Forge for lectures, send me a PM and I can send you information.
  8. Having plenty of family backcast and in NJ myself, I totally read your entire post in a NJ accent. lol ;)

    As for your idea to promote your business through magic, I think it is a fantastic idea! Keep it up!
  10. O'Brien,

    Thank you for your reply I appreciate it yeah you can't help that New Jersey accent huh LMAO. People have to realize there's a difference between North Jersey and South Jersey accents LOL I'm more towards the Philly area so I got the South Jersey accent and I'm an eagles and Phillies fan all the way !!! Anyway I appreciate your feedback thank you for giving me your time have a great week !!
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