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Actually good coin tricks. Or other slight based non-card magic.

Apr 21, 2020
I've been doing card magic for a couple years now, and I'm becoming conscious I need to expand my repertoire to other mediums. I figured coins is a good place to go as it's still pretty slight based and I really enjoy learning dexterity based feats.

The problem I'm having is that, having started learning some basic palms, I'm struggling to find any genuinely impressive coin tricks that don't involve gimmicks and aren't immediately obvious. Maybe It's because I know about the palms and am still bad at performing them, but I'd love some suggestions of resources for learning good coin tricks, or just some links to some genuinely good coin tricks (without spoiler obviously cos, you know, mods n that).

Orrrr, maybe someone can suggest some other cool effects I could learn that detracts from card tricks for a little while when I perform.
Feb 8, 2019
Aiken, SC
I would suggest The Metal series by Eric Jones on Ellusionist. It is in four downloads, each of which is $35. The first one (Metal 1) is about the basics. Basic palms, vanishes, productions, etc. Metal 2 is slightly more advanced. It basically builds on what was learned in Metal 1. Metal 3 is devoted entirely to gimmicked coin magic. Last is metal 4 which raps it all up and teaches some of Eric Jone's best routines.

As well, since you are a beginner I would suggest The book Bobo's coin magic. It teaches everything a coin magician needs to know. The last resource I would suggest is Sansminds' How To Do Coin Magic dvd. If you could only learn from one source that would be it.
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Aug 5, 2017
WA state USA
I’ll second BoBo’s and Eric Jones as decent sources for learning coin magic. Eric is an excellent teacher and has an 8 dollar Penguin lecture if your not sure about wanting to spend the money on the Metal series. That will give you a taste of his teaching and magic style, the lecture has both gimmicked and ungimmicked magic but of varying skill levels. Kiona Harbottle is also a great coin guy and great teacher who has an 8 dollar Penguin lecture that’s pretty good but again it has varying skill levels.

A coin book aside from Bobos I find to be a great value and I am really enjoying lately is Doug Brewers An Unexpected Visitor. The material runs from beginerish to expert material that’s pretty fun and interactive. Both gimmicked and ungimmicked material is in there but find the real gold is his tips during the explanations on how to frame your motivations, the patter, and when/how/ why your doing what you are. You can buy the book directly from him but not sure if it’s in stock at Penguin or VanishingInc. He has videos with the same title but I haven’t watched them.


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Nov 1, 2009
New Jersey
Maybe It's because I know about the palms and am still bad at performing them

Check out Dan Watkin's webstite for some great free material that should help you with palming:

So, all the really good coin magic books are out of print: David Roth's Expert Coin Technique, Richard Kauffman's Coin Magic and Chris Kenner's Totally Out of Control. Bobo is in print, inexpensive and despite its appearance is a great book.

As @ChaseC6 and @JoshL8 mentioned, Eric Jones and Kainoa Harbottle are both great teachers. I was fortunate to do a three hour workshop with both of them, Dan Watkins and Marc DeSouza. Eric's "Metal" series is great and it teaches a lot of basics and several routines.

maybe someone can suggest some other cool effects I could learn that detracts from card tricks for a little while when I perform.

Consider the Art of Astonishment series. It has some coin stuff, a good amount of cards and some stuff with random objects.
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