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    By now you have watched the trailer and wondering to yourself if you should purchase this effect. Well after watching the video I can recommend the purchase of this effect. Frozen will create a magical moment for your spectators that will leave them in amazed.

    First there are several different performances which will give you some good performance ideas that you will be able to expand on and make your own with your own personal style.

    Adam does a good job explaining the history of the effect beginning with Frostbite from his playing around to being inspired to a magical effect. Adam does a very good job teaching the construction of the gimmick and the sleight of hand required to perform this effect.

    The gimmick is very easy to make and will not cost an arm and leg. The supplies needed for construction is very easy to find and you will not have to search the world for the supplies. It is very well worth the money.

    Napkin Version: This is the version that I prefer as it is simple to set up and has no clothing restrictions but isn’t impromptu and there is not an instant reset. But if you perform this at a party or a special event then one time performance is all you need.

    Hands Free version: This version isn't impromptu either but can be done multiple times. There is a clothing restriction and the set-up is a little more detailed. Plus there is a gimmick that requires you to build but it isn’t hard to build and the supplies to build it are easy to find

    Over all a fine piece of magic that will amaze your spectators.
  2. Are there any safety issues/dangers that might present itself doing this trick? Just wanted to know if there were risks involved... thanks.
  3. There are a few safety concerns but if you can follow directions and use a little common sense then you shouldn't have a problem. But the gimmick or the setup isn't going to blow up on you.
  4. Is the gimmick for the napking verision big? Right now im just having magic as a hobby and i dont want to carry around a big gimmick if im just going out and might do a casual performance.

    Also, is it a time limit from that the set up is done that you have to performe it?
  5. No it isn't big or expensive... From set up to performance.
  6. so wait, the last version is impromptu, yet requires a gimmick?

  7. Thanks for pointing out my mistake.... I corrected it.
  8. If i want to performe frozen, can i set it up like in the morning, and then have it on me all day and do it later that day? Or do i have to do it direcly after the setup?

    Can the gimmick fick easily into my wallet or pocket?

    I dont want to bring like 1 can of frezing spray to a party.
  9. Hey just got frozen and have performed it amazing. to answer questions, yes there is danger to it, but if you use it the way adam instructs no harm will come to you. The set up takes like 30 seconds and they set up is good for about 15 minutes or so. Overall Adam has one amazing effect
  10. You already performed it only a few hours after release..?

    I think you should give an effect such as this the time it deserves to practice it before performing it.
  11. That kind of kills it for me. I was gonna get this for sure originally. I was even prepared to pay a lot more for this than the original price. However, that kills it for me. Not sure if I'll get this now. I'm still considering it, but that disappoints me.

  12. Yeah that is pretty disappointing.
    I mean, how many performances is that? This is probably great for a one time closer effect but not for walkaround street magic:(
  13. Yeah, I was kind of hoping I could make my gimmick in the morning and do it possibly later on for some friends. I also think that makes this trick impractical for many unless you do it fairly quickly after you get the gimmick ready.

    I'll wait for some more reviews though before making any final judgments. As I said before, I also still might get this though because the effect of it is amazing. Taking a borrowed quarter and making it freeze is just AWESOME.

    So I'm not saying I won't get this, but I won't get it for a little while. It would still be good for possibly making a gimmick before meeting up with some friends. However, the fact that the gimmick is only good for about 15 minutes is pretty disappointing.

  14. taken from E:


    Can it be done with items other then a quarter?
    You can freeze many objects with this method... however, we concentrated on ONE routine for the DVD. That involves a highly visual effect with a napkin and quarter.

    And can it be done surrounded?
    I do this trick surrounded all the time.

    Can it be done in the spectator's hands?
    I perform FROZEN in my hands but the spectators are encouraged to touch. The end leaves them with everything in their hands...clean as can be. I like to control each moment that takes place. I lead them down a path and blow up the bridge behind them so they can't retreat.

    Can the coin be signed?
    Several years ago I performed this with a signed coin all the time. Then, a very wise magician told me that: introducing a sharpie, having a spectator sign his initials, verifying it at the end.... all these things didn't add to the trick. They slowed it down and pulled the focus away from an organic miracle. Sometimes as magicians we tend to over think and over prove. This is not that type of effect. But yes, you can freeze a signed coin if you desire.

    Is there a set-up? If so, how long of a set-up and is there an automatic reset?
    There is a quick setup and you can can perform this two or three times in a row if that's your style.

    Could you blow across 2 or more coins at once and have them freeze?
    I don't teach multiple coin methods on the DVD but this will be within your capabilities once you get the real work.

    Are there any other effects that can be performed using the same application besides freezing a coin?
    You can freeze many objects with this method... however, we concentrated on ONE routine for the DVD. That involves a highly visual effect with a napkin and quarter.

    Is this the same as Frostbite from 3 years ago? Wasn't Frostibite $250?
    Some of you may remember that I originally wanted to put this idea out 3 or 4 years ago. It was my plan to release it in a limited supply and charge $250. I'm glad that I waited. There was a breakthrough that Brad and I developed that allowed us to produce this and put it in everyone's price range. This is not the same effect, in fact it is far superior for walk-around, street magic, angles, reset and multiple spectators.

    How long does the coin stay cold for after your done with the trick?
    The coin is really frozen so the time it stays cold depends on your environment. It's definitely long enough for your spectators to pass it around.

    Will the spectator be able to keep the coin after without them being able to determine what causes the trick to work?
    Yes, the spectator can keep the coin since you borrowed it from him! At the end, the spectator can hold the coin and there will be NO CLUE of what happened. The coin might be moist but the napkin remains dry. Very clean at the end.

    So does a napkin need to be used for the effect? Can I borrow a quarter and lay it on any table and perform the effect?
    A method is taught on the DVD to perform the effect using only a quarter and no napkin. Remember that the napkin helps to protect against the cold the method that uses no napkin is performed on the floor away from the hands. It involves a bit more set up but is demonstrated on the street during the DVD and works wonderfully.

    Do you feel that this effect is stronger as a stand-alone, or do/would you perform this as an ending to a coin routine?
    Definitely a closer. FROZEN is a closer for me. When we filmed this on the streets, I would do a small set to warm up the crowd and then close with this. There was no point in going any further after FROZEN... it really defies explanation. Plus it was so different than the tricks that preceded, I really didn't want to pull my cards back out. If you know what I mean. Let's say you are called upon at a party to perform ONE trick. This is the one, boys! But, get ready to have a new nickname: Superman.

    Is the method similar to Frostbite?
    Frostbite was the "Father" to Frozen. On the DVD I will discuss, at great length, what Frostbite was and how/why it morphed into Frozen. The main issue was price. Frostbite was going to be very expensive to produce and very very expensive for my fans to buy ($250). You are not buying my original method for doing Frostbite. You are buying a visual/tactile effect with a quarter. You will also be getting enough info to go ON YOUR OWN and create other freezing effects.

    Also, can you comment on the difficulty of this trick?
    As to the difficulty of FROZEN... I don't find it difficult at all. But I would recommend that you practice it a lot before performing. (Just like any great trick)

    How safe is the effect?
    It is safe as long as you don't purposely misuse it. I was doing a show at the Magic Castle and a little kid threw Rocky Raccoon into the audience really hard... right into a girls nose. Her nose started bleeding. I never thought Rocky was dangerous... but in the right hands...

    Will the DVD explain how to "breathe" cold air as well?
    Yes. The "fog" is one of the coolest parts.

    How long would the set up take?
    Just a few moments.

    Can I do the trick with euro coins?
    Yes, any currency coin will work.

    Is there an age restriction for Frozen?
    We encourage 18 or older for Frozen. The method invlolves the handling materials that if misused, could cause injury. However, they are safe by many standards. MUCH more safe than "Flash Paper" and any fire effects available for magic. To put it into perspective, if a broom is misused it could cause injury, too.
  15. Hey guys I just watched the download. I paid $47 to get both the DvD and the download and I Dont think that I will be using this effect at all. However it is a great effect. And some good thinking from Adam. My problem is that at the most you might have 15 to 20 minutes to use this effect and I was really wanting to do it at my local club.

    And I dont like the fact that you can get caught if you use someone else's coin *cant say exposure*

    It is worth $30 and I would say buy it!!!!!
  16. I hardily agree with you, but the effect is brilliantly simple. If you have been in magic for a number of years you can perform it almost instantly. And I love acting, which made it easier to pass off as well.
  17. Is the gimmick anything that goes in my mouth? Is the trick going to kill me if done wrong? Dont answer if brings exposure
  18. It wont kill you and it does not go inside your mouth. Its a great effect and well worth the money:)
  19. right now i am deciding on this or thread but i will wait a little bit to see
  20. can you do the "fog" blowing, on the second version of frozen? or can you only do it when a napkin is involved

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