Adelaide Fringe 2012

Hi Guys!

For the past few years, I have posted up around this time of the year about the Adelaide Fringe Festival. It is the second biggest Fringe Festival in the world (second to Edinburgh) and is the breeding ground for a heap of amazing acts.

The past few years have been pretty good for me at the Fringe, but have always been let down by poor management and fellow performers. I was kicked out of my first Fringe as my manager had not officially registered our act nor paid registration fee's, and I was told I would not be able to perform at the Festival again.

After having discussions with the Fringe Management, my second year went into turmoil after the manager refused to pay the performers.

At this point, I was close to giving up. A festival so close, should not be so difficult.

This year, I decided to be different. I would perform, and manage/direct my own show as well as manage and support two fellow performers.

9 Venues, 18 Shows; It has been fair to say - mental.

We are now coming up to the last week of the Fringe, and I am incredibly proud to say that my act is currently the number #1 show out of over 3,500 Shows. I also sit at No #5 in the top reviewed shows.

With 10 shows to go, and if things continue it is looking promising that a National and possible International circuit may occur, and it almost brings me to tears even considering that after almost giving up magic several years ago.

Just wanted to come on, thank everyone for their support - Theory11 has been amazing to me - but also to show everyone that if you dont give up, anything is possible.

Matt Tarrant


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Sep 14, 2008
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That is AWESOME news man! Glad you shared that with us. Would love to see even some small clips or pics of your act at the festival.
Thanks so much guys,

Much appreciated.

Pretty stoked to say, we won!


Best Act of the Adelaide Fringe 2012 - People Choice

For those who have asked, I dont have any video's of my stage show as of yet (thats the good stuff I think you would enjoy), but we do have a bit of close-up videos.

All available on - in the Media Vault - and there will be more posted in the next few days.

From here;

We will now focus on our stage shows, which should tour Nationally mid-late this year - and then possible overseas late this year or early-mid next year. Pretty stoked!


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