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  1. Hey! Can you please tell me a really amazing, advanced Card-Magic book? I want to learn tricks that David Blaine does for example. Mentalism, sleight-of-hands and prediction tricks. For example, such tricks David Blaine did in his Facebook livestream or at the Jimmy Fallon Show. Just mind-blowing tricks! It would be so awesome if you can help me. Thank you!
  2. Paul Harris's Art of Astonishment series.
  3. Thank you so much for this quick answer!
  4. But it's quite expensive. Do you know any similar books which are cheaper?
  5. Edit:
    It should be not so expansive. Maybe not more than 80 or 90.
  6. The good stuff isn't usually cheap. Most of Blaine's stuff from his shows comes from Art of Astonishment or Mnemonica.
  7. Tom Gagnon is one of the best I've ever sat with and seen some crazy sleight of hand that was undetectable. I bought his book and am still working on things years later. We were at Abbott's Close Up Convention. It was me, Eric Jones, Tom Craven, Tom Gagnon, and many others.
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  8. Okay. I am thinking about to buy it. But I absolutely want to know if this is worth it. Is this a good decision? Will I absolutely not regret it when I buy it? Please give me a quick answer!
  9. Forgive me if I am wrong, but the way you asked your question leads me to believe you may be new to card magic. Don't underestimate the magic in some of the more beginner books like Royal Road to Card Magic. Only $3 for the kindle edition and like $10-15 for paperback. There is a trick in there called Three Cards Across. It is the foundation to one of the tricks Blaine performed on The Tonight Show.

    I highly recommend not skipping the beginner type books, but if you aren't new and are actually rather experienced with cards then I would say you wouldn't regret your decision to buy what the others have suggested.
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  10. So, I have been making card magic about 5 months now and I did not really buy beginner books. I have learned a lot from the internet. (tutourials on Youtube for example). I do not want to be arrogant, but I learn these kind of things (tricks and techniques) very fast. So now , I want to buy a book with more and more advanced tricks and techniques. I am very motivated to learn much more tricks and techniques.
    I hope you understand me. But also thanks to you. I really love this community. I have made this thread 1 hour ago I think and already so many answers! Thank you very much!
  11. Also to you, thank you very much! You really helped me very much!

    Sorry, I don't know if everything of my grammar is correct, I am German and not English.
  12. Volume 1 of the books is $33 on Penguin Magic. Start with the first Volume and get the rest later if you like it.

    Although expensive, the cost per trick is much less than DVDs and downloads.

    Some friendly advice... A lot of the teaching on YouTube is bad. I think that it would be difficult for you to do a lot of the stuff in Art of Astonishment with the foundation you have.

    With that in mind, start with Card College Volume 1 and then Volume 2 to correctly learn the fundamentals. If those are too expensive, start with Royal Road to Card Magic and then Expert Card Technique.
  13. You should be able to find the Card College books in German.
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  14. Perhaps you do learn fast, but I still highly encourage and recommend you start with Royal Road or Card College as RealityOne suggests. I know you want to jump to the really mind blowing magic, but there are a lot of basics, history, and theory to be learned in these suggested books that would be beneficial to you.
  15. Hm. Yeah, you might be true. It wouldn't be wrong to start with some fundamental books. As you say, not everything from Youtube magic is good explained.
    Yeah, I think I should start with "Card College" or "Royal Road to Card magic" first. Have you read both books?
    Thank you very much writing me your suggestions. Very friendly.

  16. Yes, I think you and RealityOne are right. The temptation is very high to jump to the amazing magic. But I think I have to accept the fact that it would be really hard to read an advanced book first when I don't even have the fundamentals correct. It would be really silly to buy Art of Astonishment or something like that first, wouldn't it?
    What do you think is better for me to buy first? Royal Road or the Card College? Or are both of them really good?
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  17. The Tom Gagnon material is VERY difficult sleight of hand. If you don't have the basics or fundamentals down then all means do NOT purchase Tom's material. This material is for those top 10% people out there who are card experts.

    I would go with Card College or Royal Road. Don't buy them both at the same time or you will become overwhelmed and the books will just sit there. :) Trust me I know. Ha.
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  18. Card College. Royal Road was published in 1948. It is dated in the way it is written and more difficult to understand. I think that Card College is the best way to learn - especially if you get a copy in German.
  19. Both are great, you can't go wrong with either of them. I believe you will enjoy Card College as it is easier to read and the moves are explained in much better detail.
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  20. Okay thanks for the Advice :).

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