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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Carlstanley, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. I thought we could just put out links to our channels. Personally I would love to get to see many channels and hopefully they're inspiring and good, and if they are, trust me, i'll subscribe ;)

    Here's mine:
  2. mines not too good yet since I haven't put up my performances in public yet... they are going to be edited by August... and these were put up when I was new at magic so these aren't even close to how I preform now >,<

    I only have like 4 videos, but I'm slowly turning it into a web series. I have a guy that's making my theme music now, and a few other people to help me with production and promotion.
  4. I discourage people to film themselves performing to a camera instead of actual people. Everyone with the exception of about two of you out of fourteen performed magic for the camera instead of a person. What the hell?
    Next time you perform for people, film that instead of the bat cave you all practice in. In all honesty, it's much more exciting to watch that way.
  5. I agree! Live performances are sooo much better
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