Advice needed: what is best slight to pretending to turn coin over but switching it out?

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  1. I'm an amateur magician and I've been developing a trick for the last year.

    Can someone tell me a good or the best method to use if, let's say, I have a coin on my palm up left hand, and a second coin finger palmed in right hand (or classic palmed) and I want to make it look like I simply turn over the coin in my left hand but I actually switch it for the coin in the right hand. It needs to be as clean and simple as possible, so no Bobo Switch.

    No need to explain the moves if that is prohibited here in the forum, just tell me the name of the move or which magician invented it and I can research that myself.

  2. Is the coin switching visually like a change or is it switching invisibly meaning the switch happens and the spectator is not supposed to realize it switched just yet. More context to the routine will help.

    Spellbound moves will help if it is meant to be a color change. Otherwise a simple false transfer would be your best bet if it is meant to be done without the spectator noticing change.
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  3. I think a slight bit more context is needed. I mean any shuttle pass you will have a coin in each hand when you are done...if thats not what you want then maybe ending up with both coins in the same hand? Eric Jones in his 2016 Murphy's Live at the Table Lecture has a handling of the 'tenkai pennies' move in his version of 'hellbound spellbound' where it looks like you are turning a coin over in your hand while switching it for the other coin, both coins end up in that hand.
  4. Michael said it. We need to know if you want a visual or covert switch before we can guide you.
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  5. Sorry about that. I typed a longer reply with details but it never posted...

    Basically, it is a component of a longer routine. At some point, I will have a quarter on my palm up left hand and a quarter finger palmed in my right hand. I want to make it look like I'm merely turning over the left hand quarter but I'm actually replacing it with the finger-palmed right hand quarter. This needs to be a covert switch. It isn't a visual change. They shouldn't know that I replaced one coin with another. Thanks!
  6. So like a standard shuttle pass?

    As your talking, turn over the left hand but naturally close your fingers over the coin, whilst mimicking placing the coin in the right hand. Turn the right hand face up to meet the first hand and then drop the left hand.
  7. I've considered a shuttle pass, but I want it to by much more clean. The trick is supposed to be a "magician fooler" trick. I just want to keep the left hand palm up in place while apparently turning over the left hand coin, but switching it.
  8. I think you may be overcomplicating it. If you really want to fool magicians, don't make a move out of it at all. Just show the coin and when you go to turn it over, drop the classic palmed coin then steal the other one. Shift you body from left to right as you look at another spectator, make eye contact then ask a question. DO NOT make a move out of it or draw attention to it. It should be done on an off beat. It honestly sounds like something you should be able to get away with quite easily from a technical standpoint. You need to motivate/justify it wo that they don't care or have a reason to suspect you are doing anything unusual.
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  9. I agree with you 100%. But, the devil is in the details. What I am asking is exactly HOW to "...drop the classic palmed coin then steal the other one."
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  11. David williamson has a move like that to switch a coin in his pen thru coin routine.

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