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  1. I recently purchased the approach by Jamie Grant and I’m trying to put the tricks that I know/ own into a couple of 3 trick sets. I’m hoping to do some walk around magic while out celebrating for St. Patrick’s day at a big outdoor venue

    Unfortunately, I just spent the last hour slamming my head against the desk. Nothing seems to fit together well, which is a major bummer because I thought I was picking out really strong effects. Here’s what I have in my library right now, as well as purchases I’m contemplating. Any advice?

    Currently I’m working on nailing these tricks cold.
    - lightspeed
    -Hand SandWhich

    Here’s what I currently know/ own.

    Indicator Card: the one David Blaine taught on esquire.

    Here Then There (Hand SandWhich)

    Irreversible: Daniel Madison’s take on invisible deck, which allows a spectator to freely turn any card in a deck over while the pack is behind their back and the magician can reveal it in a variety of ways.

    Invisible Deck

    Diary by Chris Crossgrove: Pocket Diary Effect


    Fraud: Move the seal on a signed bill. Super powerful but requires a homemade gimmick I don’t trust so it sits in my wallet.

    Cipher: Mentalism app, essentially a digital peek pad.

    Lightspeed by Justin Miller : visual ring/ rubber band penetration. My favorite trick but I’m scared to perform it.

    I’m also contemplating a few purchases. It seems like I’m light on openers so I’m considering purchasing double cross.

    I’m also interested in mentalism and have been looking at Free Will and Social Medium to piece together a psychological focused set with Cipher

    Finally these are the tricks on my wish list:
    •Divorce Justin Miller
    •Angle Z- Daniel Madison
    •Card To pocket Daniel Madison
    •Some ACAAN

    Sorry for the length of my post but I was getting irrationally stressed about this and feeling like I was really on the wrong path. Figured it might be worth hearing what you fine folks have to say!
  2. My three trick set is a marlo tilt followed by a twirl change then card to mouth finished by Xaviors rise

    For your first trick get them engaged. Lightspeed is a good way to do that.

    For your second trick, you can really do whatever just keep in mind you finisher IE don't go from cards to coins or cards to mentalism.

    End with a big trick like as you have Madison card to pocket is good and so is invisible deck.
  3. I don't want to beat this horse to death as there are a lot of threads about developing sets (which I can look for later for you) but something to keep in mind is to try to choose material that allow you to end in the middle of the routine or set as you have no idea what types of interruptions occur where the magic needs to end you need to move on. Example: someones about to make a speech/announcement, food is about to be served, etc.

    Another thing to think about is to do an effect using your business card towards the end of your set so that you are leaving them with a souvenir and your contact information. :)

    You should really try to develop 3 sets of 3 effects so that you are not repeating effects at nearby tables where spectators may have already seen your finale just by looking over someone's shoulder. It kind of kills the climax when you get to their table then.
  4. T
    Thanks Rick! That’s exactly what I’m aiming to do. Though I’m a long way from performing professionally. Do you have any recommendations on what effects might go well together from my list, or which ones would make strong openers/ closers. For instance, I thought about purchasing double cross as an opener but I realized it would be really tough to top and might make a better closer.
  5. Stay tuned as next week I'll be posting a video on this very topic. Here is the TL:DR version real quick.

    -Use what you know and perform well.
    -Seperate effects into 3 categories (Openers/Middle/Closers)
    -Use the effects that you feel carry the same tone. For example if you are doing a comedy bit, use effects that are fun and easygoing in the same set. Avoid a serious mentalism piece mixed in unless you can adapt said piece to fit the tone.
    -Tricks do not need to tie together directly as long as they flow and support the tone.
    -Use recurring themes/running gags. These can be as simple as using the same phrase over and over or maybe doing a call back a couple times to another effect.
    -Have fun and be yourself.
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  6. Like Michael just posted, start with your absolute favorite material. What tricks are your go-to material? Which do you perform every chance you get? Think A-list stuff. If you were stuck in an elevator with someone famous and they said "oh you're a magician? Cool! Can you show me something?" What would you hope to show them?

    Let me know your top three to five tricks and I'll help you string them together.
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