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  1. Hi everyone,
    Its been a very long time since ive been on here but glad to be back. Anyway, when i start my ACR I do the tilt. But when I also do the hand sandwich I do the tilt as well. Obviously I use them in seperate routines but would like to have them in the same set. I just dont want to open 2 different tricks the same way. Im very cautious about that....for example one trick may use a DL, another a top change, pass etc. Can anyone suggest to me either a different way to start my ACR routine or the hand sandwich I have to change one of them so they both don't have the same move when I open them thanks for all your help.
  2. For the ACR have you tried facing the top card of the deck when they are signing their card, then replace their card on top (face up) then turn over the double?
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  3. Hi there,

    First of - Good question!
    I appreciate the point you make regarding using different slights to accomplish the same end goal.
    This is important and has been written in many magic theory books such as Strong Magic - DO.
    The reason being that if the spectator suspects that a move is at play and then you can execute some other slight it will destroy there (Possibly correct) Theory.

    For me, if i preform my ACR I start by asking a spectator to select any card from the deck, then put that second from the top on an offbeat, turn over the double, insert that card into the center of the deck then show the card has jumped back to the top, I then use a variation of the Monet move by Alex Pandrea to essentially top change the single card. I can then put that into the center again and show the same thing has happened.

    I hope that is clear enough to understand. Worth checking the slight out and then adapting it to your own routine and needs.

    Also - As a side note, i have recently started a youtube channel and have a few short vids, if you get a chance head over and check it out and let us know what you think :) Subscribe if you like what you see :) (Check out my card trick - ' How'd that Happen' I think you will enjoy :) ! -

    All the best !

    Connor :)!
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  4. Josh,
    Thx for suggesting that. Im not too good at that move.....but yes i guess i could practice it. I was hoping to start my hand sandwich diffetently cause i have my ACR down flawless. But i will work on that...ty.
  5. It is easier than you think because the people are busy signing the card or I talk to them and do it when they respond. I usually do it with the deck at my side and use my leg to face the top card, I believe its described in RRTCM but I don't know the page.
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  6. No I understand that and that's the easy part of course I'm sorry if you misunderstood me I'm talking about when you get the signed card back from them and you have to time it just right when you put it onto the deck as you turn it over so you don't flash the prep card. I haven't worked on it that much but I guess I'll start putting it into practice and getting that timing down right. That or I was thinking for the hand sandwich once they sign the card do a bluff pass and therefore it will be second what do you think ??
  7. My ACR routine is pretty simple, but I like it that way. I usually start with pick a card and control to second from the top via overhand shuffle. The second variant is a double under with a pinky pull. From there same drill and end with either Omni Deck if I have it on me or the bend double (not sure it’s name, sorry.) it’s basic but hits home.

    Not sure if that helps but I have a lot of mileage out of it.

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  8. Thats great Ned Ty !!! All very good points I just didn't know what you meant by the bend double though ??
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