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  1. Just wanted to ask 2 things about this

    1:Have you guys seen this yet? It sounds freakin awesome

    2:Something has unnerved me though about it:at the very bottom of the page,it says and I quote "Available by request only.Blackpool 09.Very Limited Autographed & Numbered Run"

    does that mean that it'll only be available at Blackpool, or do you have to request it, or will it soon be available?

    Someone ease my uneasiness:(
  2. I have contacted Daniel and I recommend also trying to e-mail him (don't fret). Unless he wants to come on here and say something about what he told me then that's your best bet.
  3. mioght be the same as PLAY you can only get it at blackppol, and then in the future: an online, digital, release.
  4. I think it may mean it was available at the Blackpool convention. Which finished today I believe. But that's just a guess.
  5. No, the Blackpool convention runs from the 20th - 22nd of February.

    -Sam H
  6. Oh my mistake, I thought it was this weekend.

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