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  1. This isn't really magic related but it is in some aspects.
    As most magicians know, Criss Angel has made the uber-expensive affliction shirts popular with magicians. (Already popular with UFC and IFL). Daniel Garcia has even been seen wearing one. (One of the Control previews-fly in his eye.) They have a graphic and misterious look to them. Just wondering what others thoughts are on magicians wearing them.
  2. I have five Affliction shirts that I where all the time. I first noticed them in the UFC as well. But I also train Muay Thai boxing and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu so that got me into watching the UFC, IFL, and Pride. But I like them alot. They are very artistic looking and pretty comfortable too. Unfortunately they can be quite expensive.
  3. What's UFC and IFL?
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    Ultimate Fighting Championship, and the International Fight League. And honestly I wouldn't spend $100 for one that has Criss' name and logo plastered all over it. I kinda like his jack in the box idea on one of his shirts but would rather not have his logo on every side of the shirt.
  5. I love UFC... but why would I care about the latest magician trends? I think the shirts look cool, and you asked about my thoughts about magicians wearing them: I don't care! lol
  6. Affliction shirts (I dont think) are associated with Criss, and they don't have his
    logo on it.
    They are pretty cool, I like them, but like said before, a tad pricy. haha

    Calvin Lauber
  7. Criss got Affliction to make a shirt for him, and he sells it on his website for $100.
    Good looking shirt, but too expensive.

    I've been into the Affliction shirts for awhile, but their mad expensive and the material is really flimsy. Their jeans are mad expensive too, $220?

    I've noticed they started selling the shirts at a store called Epic in the mall, and now everybody wears it. It made me kind of mad because I knew about the shirts for a long time, and now that Epic has it, everyone wears it.
  8. I don't own any Affliction clothing, but I like them alot! They're just really really expensive. And actually I started liking them because of the UFC. I didn't even know Criss Angel wore Afflicion. Haha!

    Anthony Bass
  9. I have a buddy that works at the buckle and another that works at Macy's. They both get a REALLY good discount and needless to say I have almost all the Affliction, Xtreme Couture, and Archaic shirts.

    Though I do have quite a few of their shirts, Affliction shirts started to get a bit repetitive so I stopped buying the new ones.. I'm talking about the ones that have a balanced image on the front and/or back like these...

    I love the ones that have an off center, or one asymmetrical image on them like these

    But I must say that my absolute favourite of their brand are the Heroes and Demons line. I have every single one of this line but this is my favourite one that I own

    I've seen Criss' shirts... the jack in the box is good, but I don't like the one where he's all "I'm the crow armspread"... that's annoying as hell. Show me an episode of Mindfreak that he DOESN'T do that.. i defy you!

    For me, Criss didn't popularize them. I started liking them through the UFC.

    Agreed they're expensive but when you have friends that give you their discount and the casino you perform for reimburses you for your wardrobe, it's kind of hard NOT to buy them :)
  10. They may be nice, but I think I'll stick with my band shirts.. much cheaper.
  11. I started liking them through the UFC as well, and didn't really know Criss had made one until someone pointed it out to me awhile back. And Calvin, I meant that I didn't like the shirt that Criss had made for him. It does have his name and logo all over it. Most of the ones I have I got during Christmas. Deryn, I agree I really do like the Heroes and Demons line that they have produced.
  12. tell me if I'm wrong, but I believe that out of all (5) of the "Affliction" shirts on Criss' site, only 1 is ACTUALLY made by Affliction. The other 4 are "affliction style"
  13. The Criss Angel affliction shirts arent too bad looking, although in my opinion 100 dollars for a shirt of anykind is a bit much.
  14. I really like Affliction shirts too.
    I always thought they were amazingly cool and edgy when I used to watch Mindfreak season 1.

    Since then i've been looking for shirts like those, but no luck.
    Thanks for posting this i know.
    But the problem is they're so pricey, and I have to any tattoos on my arms.
  15. ok I just spoke to a rep from Affliction and he confirmed that they've only produced ONE shirt in co-op with Criss. The Affliction logo is on the sleeves. The other "affliction" shirts on his site are "affliction style."
  16. Deryn,

    I did not know that. I was under the impression they were all made by Affliction. I guess I didn't read everything. Thanks. Still Affliction shirts are expensive enough as it is, $100 is way to much for me.
  17. yeah they're a bit pricey. get a part time job at macy's or the buckle and you'll get 40% off ;)

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