After 4 yrs Legend is finally here..

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Justin-Miller, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Hey guys just wanted to let you know that Legend, after its rough and tumble time in the magic production world is finally ready and can only be ordered through me at my in signature! And its well worth the wait!
  2. Saw you perform this at your lecture. It was sick.
  3. I watched JM perform this about two years ago during online chat with Danny T and a few others of us. It kills man. This effect leaves people speechless.
  4. Oh yea, I did put it into like maybe 5 lectures. Wow, since those lectures I have created over 4 routines with the Legend gimmick that has nothing to do with the original Legend effect. This gimmick is so versatile its silly.
  5. Just a quick update: I just reached #101 on the Legend download. I know of 10 people from the T11 fam that purchased. THANK YOU ALL for your continued support of my magic and ideas!
    It truly means so much!
  6. Isn't advertising in posts forbidden? Just sayin'
  7. My intention was not to advertise, but to update everyone who has been waiting for this for 4 yrs, that I decided to put it out myself...just those who were interested in it...once again I was not meaning to advertise.
  8. Ok! Sometimes I feel up-set when I see a thread for just advertising... People selling things on eBay and that sort of stuff, this case is different!!
  9. I have seen it done a hundred times my man!
  10. I saw you do this at your lecture too! Really cool effect!
  11. I ordered this..yesterday I think, I packed on another set of gimmicks in my order cause I knew I would be using JM's creation often.

    This thing is beast and the gimmick doesn't get in the way of anything. You can ring it in and out of performance with nobody noticing, nothing to carry in your pockets, it'll always be there when you're ready.

    I came home from work and noticed another new video in my Legend Dropbox, "Match Transpo". Beautiful effect and it's so easy to do.

    Thanks Justin!

    ---On a side note his two new downloads are worth getting as well. JM's on a creative streak, Freedom Pack is my baby.

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    Wow thank you man! Legend is truly NOT your typical one trick (pony) download in any way! the magic one can do with Legend gimmick is truly only limited to ones ability to be able to see what others cannot.
    P.S. Here is the match transpo nick is talking about.
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    Wait....all this and it's only 25 bucks?! Did I see that right?

    EDIT: Just bought it, how long does it take to get to my email?

  14. Jacob,
    Got it and sent over the download..the gimmicks are sent separately and will be mailed on friday.
    Thank you for the purchase...
  15. Legend is great. I've been doing the match transpo for friends and family to test reactions. Almost all of them swear I'm using trick matches... even when the get to check out everything. There is also a signed card and signed bill transpo JM teaches, it looks killer.
  16. Zach, Thats awesome man! Hey thank you to everyone who joined me last night for the LIVE legend workshop..It was a blast and it was good to see some t11 fam.
  17. This thread is in the wrong section.
  18. Please move it where it should be.
    Also, if any of the t11 fam went to the legend workshop, good news, the 420 project is done so please send me your email so I can send you the download.

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