Ahhh - 144 Wynn Decks!

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  1. I have just done and order to see how much shipping would be to the UK of 144 decks of Wynns. I was just going to save up for about 7-8 months so i would have enough money, and the cheapist shipping was $101!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would take me 10 months to save up for that. Does anyone know where i could get the same amount of decks, but less shipping? If you are curious, the site i would of ordered from is: http://www.kardwell.com
  2. I ordered 144 decks from Kardwell 25th, the day before they added about 100$ to the price, 308 total including shipping to Norway.

    Got my receipt on email and all that, but they still haven't taken any money from my account, starting to wonder if i'm gonna get them at all without placing a new more expensive order hehe :)

    I have ordered large amounts from them several times before, this has never happened, might be all the holiday stuff going on though :D

    Anyway, to finally answer your question. You could try http://gamblersgeneralstore.com/ personally wouldn't bother since you have to call in international orders :/
    other then that I think Kardwell is the cheapest one out there if you're ordering that many.
  3. maybe i just not understand but....why do you need 144 decks of wynns? O.O
  4. I acutally have 1000 dollars to spend on whatever I want right now, probably a laptop. I worked my butt off all summer cutting lawns, andit payed off :)
  5. Beats me too... ^^
    These cards are definately over-hyped!
  6. I like storing my cards at my home instead of at kardwell or any other warehouse ;)
    144 is nothing though, they will be used for sure (new decks are nice).
  7. I'm with the others; why in god's name do you need 144 Wynns??
  8. I do not know. I think i went a bit crazy, needed to set myself a goal in life. Not going to get that much anymore. I was jsut a bit outraged at the shipping to be honest.
  9. doesnt gamblers general store have free shipping for orders over 50 dollars...?:eek:
  10. Did you know that WYNN DECKS, the words, If you say it fast it sounds alot like windex.
  11. Congrats bro! :)

    And to all the whiners out there...he WANTS them...OPTIONAL. He worked hard, and now he's reaping the rewards.

  12. Same issues here got my receipt in my email but no funds where taken out.
  13. Yeah. I was in a magic shop and the guy asked for wynn decks. The shop guy pulled up a bottle of windex LOL!
  14. I was going to buy from kardwell too, but spending $100 on shipping just sounded expensive, plus they raised the prices so I didn't bother. I got 60 off eBay with only $40 shipping, which works out about the same if I were to order 144 decks worth, but I already got 24 from Dan and Dave.

    As for those who wonder why to get so many, with all the hype around these cards they will be gone soon enough, even if places restock, they will eventually run out, and with prices rocketting because stores are realising the demand, it's best to get in early. If you don't like the cards, there are a few hundred people looking to buy them off you, so it's not like getting rid of them would be a problem. I doubt these cards will ever go down in value, so I've either bought myself a nice supply of great cards, or a handy little investment. I mean, bricks of 12 have been selling for $80+ at times, (witout postage), I spent around $40 a brick including postage. All else fails, I use the cards, that's why I bought them afterall.
  15. Well, I got a couple of bricks from Kardwell and shipping was about there or so. But I got each brick for about $30 or so including shipping (Maybe less) so I'm quite satisfied. Bought a couple from D&D as well and a couple from some other sources. And I bought quite abit because I like the cards. Not because I plan to sell the decks or anything.

    The cards are already selling for $40 a brick on Ebay now and it'll continue to rise because they're running out. I suspect it'll be back to $80+ for a brick soon enough.For those that don't like the cards, fair enough but I actually love using em. So I bought enough to last for a while. If it's not going to run out and they suddenly decide to reprint the cards, then great because it's fabulous. I'd love a never ending supply.
  16. Credit to Corey Landels for this pic:
  17. Wow dude!:D Oh yeah, Go RAIDERS!

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