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  1. I like to think that reviews belong in their respective specialized forums, and not in a general "review forum". So here's a review of the DVD COINS AKIRA'S, for all of those who dig the coin magic. I know I do.

    (Fujii's coin routines with Muscle Pass)

    DVD Quality - 4/5

    Great quality; It's better than some, but not the best. Easy to learn from. Nathan Kranzo dubbed Fujii's voice into English, so sometimes the audio is off by a second or two... but if this bugs you, get a life. Who cares; you're learning great magic!



    This routine requires four coins and four cards.

    It's a coin matrix with an instant reset. It's very visual and relatively clean. I'm not a fan of ONE of the moves; but it's a well thought-out routine. It's actually the only routine on the DVD that doesn't require a muscle pass.


    A "three fly" sort of effect, but with closed hands. EXCELLENT, and well worth the practice. An intermediate effect. Requires a decent ability with the muscle pass. I have performed this live hundreds of times, and it never fails to get gasps... ESPECIALLY the last coin. Recommended to learn.


    Not the best trick on the DVD. Frank Garcia's Ten Count trick (he did it with spongeballs), but done with coins and a kicker ending. I think this type of effect really just confuses the spectators, and the "magical moment" is lost. Still, a great idea. Good thinking on Fujii's part, for the timing and ending.

    Requires a muscle pass.


    WORTH THE PRICE OF THE DVD. This is the meat and bones of what real stand-up coin magic should look like. A flurry of sorts, with a few sucker moves, the coin grows into a jumbo coin, (twice), and then into a GIANT coin. EXCELLENT routine, and THE walk-around bit I will do for the rest of my life. Combine it with Roth's idea for the flurry using the lapels, and it's KILLER. Trust me, I do it that way on a regular basis. The 5" jumbo at the end KILLS.

    This routine needs a decent understanding and ability with the muscle pass, as well as some jumbo coin work.


    ALSO WORTH THE DVD PRICE. You drop three coins into your hand, only to have them vanish and appear in the other hand. SO MANY USES! I have a few pretty original ideas on the coin matrix and the coins across plot, and two of the ideas use this move. It's versatile, it's deceptive, and it's indespensible.

    A MUST HAVE if you have a good muscle pass.


    A few of the routines are tricky. The Flash Back and Ghost sound tricks are pretty easy. The killer routine on the DVD is Grow Up Coin, and the best sleight taught is the Three Ahead Move.

    I recommend this DVD to those willing to practice; you should have an intermediate skill level (minimum) with coin magic, and be familiar with ALL of the basic coin sleights. This is NOT for beginners!

    This DVD, if I were to rate it out of ten, would easily be an 8 or 8.5. It's fantastic.

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    As much as I respect your opinions, if the T11 crew wanted a general review forum I might be an idea to just put it there.


    Nice review - it's what a review should be. I've been looking at this for a while, because of the work involving the muscle pass, and this review gave me a nice look into it.



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