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Aladdin Deck Review

Sep 2, 2007
La Crescenta, CA
So as I posted earlier in my Bicycle Vintage Fan Back review, I also purchased these nice Aladdins - 2 blue, 3 red - that I got from the Magic Apple. I cracked open a pack yesterday, and have been playing with them ever since...

Box: The same on both sides, with the words "1001 Aladdin" printed below a diamond made of the four suits and two lamps on either side of that. The National and the US Playing Card companies are printed below the name. A nice change, but a little dull. 3/5

Ace of Spades: Again, a nice change - it's a spade inside a shining lamp - but nothing special. 4/5

Jokers: Identical jokers. Very bizarre, with a rabbit hatching out of an egg and a couple of... um... elves? hopping around behind it with an acorn on a stick. It sounds funny, but take a look and you'll be surprised. You might even laugh a little. 5/5

Card Faces / Court Cards: Standard face and court cards, except for the AoS I mentioned earlier. 3/5

Card Back Design: Pretty cool, but I think this is one instance where the picture look better than reality. A flower is set in the middle with a feather-like design spreading across the card. 3/5

Stock: Delivers a lot more snap than normal Bicycle Rider Backs, and the stick seems a tad thicker. I love the stock because I really like playing with cards with which I can really send a card flying with Daryl's Hot Shot Cut. 5/5

Fanning/Finish: Very nice. The finish reminds me of Aviators - not bad, but surprising because the completely smooth finish (no little divots all over the card) makes this card seem almost like plastic. 9/10

Magic: These are... interesting for magic. I need to get used to the feel before I take these onto the streets for reactions, because when I tried to do a couple of tricks, doubles took a couple of tries before I could get one to stay together the way I wanted. 9/10

Cardistry: Fantastic. These cards stick together better than almost any normal card (i.e. not custom, not casino-quality like Jerry's or Wynns, not plastic souvenir cards) when I performed a few of my favorite flourishes. They stick together when you want them to and separate when you don't. 10/10

Durability: I really don't know about this one... especially because I'm used to using broken-in decks, but this thing seems to be resisting my attempts to BE broken in. It's still as stiff and snappy as when I opened it 24 hours ago. Interesting... But I guess that means it IS durable. Especially when I dropped like 20 cards at school on the messy cafeteria floor, and they still fanned perfectly (yes, I can fan very well) after a quick wipe. 9/10
TOTAL: 60 / 70 = 86%

Verdict: Very nice. I don't like the aesthetics of the deck much, but these cards handle very well, regardless of your forte in cardistry and/or magic. I guess I made an excellent investment when I bought those New Fan Backs and these decks at the Magic Apple.
Oct 6, 2007
my world of magic
there's a new aladdin stock you know

in singapure (and dan & dave site) they sell the new one
it has the divots like reguler bicycle
the difference that you can see is :

the box
1. the new one has 1001 alddin at the one side, and a picture of the back design of the card
2. below 1001 aladdin playing cards, there's should be a golden oval shape with "Air Cushion" written on it

this one pretty good to be fanned when you opened them
but after awhile (1 or 2 days), they go clumping...
but with a little fanning powder, the problem solved
Jun 6, 2008

For those who like the Aladdin stock, might I recommend taking a look at Aviators and Rite-Aid brand "Poker Playing Cards"...

Aviators have a so-so Ace, and boring Jokers.

Rite-Aid has an Aristocrat-like Ace, with Jester-head Jokers.

Both (in my opinion) have that snappy quality to them, and are some personal favorites of mine (along with D&D decks, and the Bright-Blue and Bright-Red Walgreens Stud decks, as they seem THINNER [but still snappy] than the normal Stud decks they sell...but these have a Linoid finish).

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