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  1. So recently I've seen posts elsewhere saying how much Aladdin playing card suck, the hold bends to easy and can't get them to straighten out, they warp in the heat, etc.

    I personally love Aladdins. I live in Kentucky with a lot humidity (not as high as Florida, but higher than other places).

    So, to prove a point I took the standard Bee playing cards and a Deck of Aladdins. Dropped them into some water, placed them in the Microwave for 2 minutes (for some warp action), cooled them in the freezer for 5. I done this twice. Both decks are about 2 weeks old, used often, but still had a lot of life left to them. What was the result. Take a look at the pictures. All I can say.......Aladdin's rule.

    -Cody Nottingham

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  2. Where can I buy alladins?
  3. Ebay, Dan and Dave, exomagic. There are quite a few places. I'm going to try this experiment again to see who wins between Jerry's and Bikes......I'm joking.
  4. Haha, great post. I can't agree more.

    I live in Pa, and our summers can get pretty hot too, so Aladdins work great for me :D

    Quick story:

    I was vacationing at a beach in Bali (Indonesia), and went into the ocean with a deck of Aladdins still in my pocket. When I got out of the water, I was looking for my cards, and then realized they were in my pocket! I frantically opened my pocket, and was horrified to see these cards all soggy, so I left them in the sun to dry (on the hotel balcony). 2 days later, they were almost perfect again. I still have them and can even perform with them now!!! It's amazing!

    Bottom line? They're the most durable cards. Ever.


    Get some!
  5. Aladdins

    Aladdins still suck. I don't care if you swim with them in your swimming suit acroos the Atlantic Ocean.
  6. Heheh. That's because Aladdins were built for the humid weather in Singapore. It's a lot more humid here =P
  7. why do you think they suck. they are good cards
  8. My personal experience with Aladdins is that they are crisp when new, then get un-fan-able after a while, then after I've put them away for a week, they become new again. Perfect for magic (DLs), not so good for fanning.
    I like the backs though.
  9. agreed. +1

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