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  1. Yes, Alcatraz. The island, home of the cell of Al Capone and numerous movie settings, also houses an okay deck of playing cards!

    Alcatraz souvenir playing cards

    Okay, first off, let me get this off my back. If you are a card collector like me, and collect those various souvenir decks at various places, those cheap ones in the plastic cases, you'll know - they are absolutely the worst playing cards on the face of the earth. :) But at least you have a unique deck of playing cards.

    These cards differed from the rest. At first, my only interest in these cards was because obviously I collect different decks, and because each card had a fact about Alcatraz, the rules the prisoners had to follow while captive there. Pretty neat, I thought.

    So I open up the box, out come the cards. Plastic coated souvenir cards - not exactly expected to be the best playing cards. But hey, they actually handle really really well! They spread beautifully for starters. And you can LePaul S spread these babies like they were born for it...Note: I can never, ever LePaul S spread. Ever. Mine always look terrible...but my first attempt on these and it was almost perfect!

    They stick together pretty well for cuts, and the finish is quite pleasant in my hands. The only bad part about these cards is the edges...they weren't cut as nicely as one would like, so faro's and things like that are not too nice. but other than that they handle quite well!

    If you're ever in San Francisco, after heading over to the Misdirections magic shop of course, go ahead and take the boat over the Alcatraz Island. The cards are pretty good, and the audio tour is amazing! :)

  2. Sounds cool, can you post a pic?
  3. I'll try to when I get my hands on a camera :)


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