Jan 15, 2017
Halls of Amenti
This, against, the video recommendation is my first coin trick. What drew me to this was the name for undisclosed reasons. After watching the video and the care and completeness of the tutorial I was impressed not only with the effect but with its creator. He produced a warm video that expressed that he is a true human being and not in anyway pompus the same can be said for many of the theory11 artist. In short thank you well worth the price.
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Dec 6, 2015
The name is also what drew me to it for the first time more than a year ago, it really is a wonderful creation! I think it was also the first performance I put up on Youtube too. Thank you Ben and the Theory11 team!
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Josh Burch

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Aug 11, 2011
I have a performance here on video. It definitley goes with certain armour and not others. All I can say is to experiment with what works. Try everything you own and when you buy new cloaks and robes keep the trick in mind.
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