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    Please Note: The version of this DVD I have is the one from Justin's lecture. I am not sure if he refilmed it for his public release or it is the same DVD. However, I'm sure IF ANYTHING his teaching is better for the public version. However, don't worry. Justin's teaching was as clear as ever as you have come to expect from him and his products. :) Now that I got that out of the way, I'll review each effect one by one.
    Have you seen A.T.E. (All Things Elastic) yet? No? Well don't worry because Justin's lecture note DVD has hit the market! Not everything taught at the lecture is on this DVD, but most of it is! Enjoy!

    S.A.F 3.0- This is the final version of Justin's Seal-A-Feign effect from Strolling Hands 1 and 2

    This is a VERY magical effect for a spectator. Make a signed coin go through the celophane to a new deck of cards! Well.... Looks like I have something to say... (You won't understand this unless you own Bullet.) Card boxes are the new bottles! Welcome to S.A.F.!!!!

    3 Card Melody- the perfect effect for any walk-around enviorment with a normal,borrowed deck of cards...this one WILL go into your act!

    As the description says.... this WILL go into your act! Have 3 cards selected and lost into the pack. Then find them in some REALLY COOL and magical ways! This one will take a bit of work, but if you are performing for 3 or more people, this one is AMAZING!

    3X- They get 3 chances to see if they can figure it out only to find a HUGE surprise at the end.

    I'm not much of a coin person, but this effect kills! I won't even say more. If you are a coin person, you will love this effect I promise!

    Guardians version 1- Borrowed deck, no gimmicks, and the most deceptive mystery card to date.

    I just tried typing a description for the effect, but I just made the effect sound kind of bad so I'm not going to bother saying what the effect is. You'll have to buy it to find out! Let me just say it like this, it's my 2nd favorite effect on the DVD! You won't believe it until you see it!

    Guardians version 2- Same as 1 but with 2 selections and a twist at the end.

    I don't like it as much as version 1, but it is still AMAZING! I think I'll find myself performing version 1 more than 2. However, many people may like this version better. It's a preference.

    Keyed-Up- Make a drawing on a card come to life. A perfect strolling effect. (featured in Justin's 2005 notes HUH!)

    My gosh.... my FAVORITE effect! While many may disagree with my opinion, I just love the comical aspect of this effect! Explain to the spectator that every card trick has a key or a key card. Explain that you will show them what you mean. Have them select a card and sign it. Spread the deck to find that just one card has a key drawn on it with the word key written under it! (HA! GET IT?! KEY CARD! HA!
    HA.....ha.... Well it's funny when performing...) Anyway, turn the card upside down and explain that if you just gave out keys to people.... you wouldn't be able to get in your own home! So just let the key fall RIGHT OUT OF THE CARD into the spectator's hands! Take the key back and show the back of the card. The word key is still written there and the picture has vanished! Let them keep the card! I love it.... absolutely love it...

    The Force- From a shuffled deck a freely selected card is found to float out of the center of the deck and flips face up.

    Have fun with loops on this one! It's exactly has the description says!

    Traveling Light- A story of postal shipping and the most deceptive card switch around.

    Really fun effect! You guys will love it!

    V.C.R- A new way to do the Haunted Pack. People everywhere have been raving about this one!

    For people like me who love loops... you will love this! People will think you are possessed! A really cool variation to the haunted pack! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Justin do it in person! Loop lovers will love this one!

    Triple Take- Push 3 coins through the center of a table and into a waiting glass bowl with no funny moves and then cause all three to unexpectedly come right back through at the same time. You truly Have to see this to believe it.

    Again, I'm not much of a coins person. However, if you like coins, you will LOVE THIS EFFECT! As the description says, you have to see it to believe it. A true masterpiece!
    My Final Thoughts:
    This DVD has card, loop, and coin effects. For $20, this DVD is a GIFT! Shipping is even included in that price! This disc is packed with some AMAZING material with the great teaching skills you come to expect from Justin Miller. Justin could had easily charged a LOT more for this DVD and I would had said it was worth it. I'm telling all of you... if you don't buy this DVD, you are TRULY missing out on some REALLY great stuff for a REALLY cheap price! Please please PLEASE do not pass this one up!

  2. i was at the lecture at tannens. he was fantastic! i like the key one too. and although it isn't much of a magician fooler, it's fun to show other magician and its funny when you say the key card line and laymen don't get it! anyway great review.
    P.S. i live in essex county so yea. i saw you live close to me so o.k. i'll stop talking now.
  3. I was at the Tannens lecture too. ;)


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