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    Hi, I'm a fairly experienced cardister, and I can't find any new DVDs out there. I'm looking for some more variety in my flourishing. I was wondering if anyone knows any DVDs other than:

    Genesis 1 and 2
    Xtreme Beginnerz 1 and 2
    Cradle to Grave
    Cobra Collection
    Motions (doesn't really count)
    Show off 1 to 3
    Generation extreme
    Project Aviv
    Encyclopædia of playing card flourishes (not a dvd, but still)

    Essentially, what I want to do is create a list of every cardistry DVD ever as a resource for newer cardisters and pros alike.
    Please help!
  2. Oh, come on, there have got to be some more!
  3. Good GOD ! You forgot the entire Brian Tudor collection! Granted he has the reputation of an egotistical jerk but he did sort of pioneer it all. (well depending on who you ask it may have been De'Vo but we all know that it really started with mild mannered Chris Kenner and the Sybil cut!) So yeah...get Show off 1, 2, and 3 and maybe generation extreme and Heckler.
  4. Cradle to the grave de'vo
  5. Wow, yeah, you're right. I do tend to stay away from XCM, because it just seems preposterous. Brian Tudor, de'vo, etc… seem just so tasteless. Seriously, spell it extreme beginners. Not xtreme beginnerz. And I don't need any flame graphics thank you very much. I'll update the list now.
  6. You should be willing to learn from any source. You might obtain a new insight.
  7. Obviously, you're right. It's just that watching De'vos stuff makes my eyes hurt. Also, it's an attitude thing. His attitude is to be supermegaultra underground, when in reality, he's selling his stuff online to any and all. It's more the attitude I don't like.
  8. Rofl! Yes It is a bit much. But in truth what Joel Haley said is correct. You should be willing to learn from anywhere. Like Bruce Lee says, "Adopt what is useful, reject what is useless."(Paraphrased)

    Both De'vo and Tudor do have their sort of over the top bad boy image they try to maintain but that doesn't mean each haven't been major movers in the movement. It just took the Buck twins to show up and prove to everyone that your cardistry will speak for itself. And if your moves are good enough you don't have to be a jack ass in order to be successful.
  9. Is that all, really. I've been into cardistry for quite along time now too, and I can't come up with any more. It's a fairly new art form so I guess it makes sense. There is quite a few cardistry downloads though.

    p.s. I think it's cardist, not cardister :)
  10. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up for me. They are good cardists (you are of course right magicat) but they should let the cards speak for them. Not badly done flame graphics. If de'vo ever reads this, I just want him to know that flaming skulls have nothing to do with cards. Also stop it with the Zs and Xs. Good stuff though.
  11. Add these to the list.

    Madness Volume 1
    Cardistry-Ellusionist(Daniel Madison)
    The Code
    Ownage Explained
    I'm not sure of these should be here but Back 2 Basics, C4 Capcuts and Recapped by Cap Casino

    These are all of the ones that I know of. I would really like to see an updated list :D

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