All Street Self Levitation Sucks?

Jun 20, 2009
near paris
Do all street self levitations really sucks?
they all have bad angles, i know sone, like the balducci, david blaine does it for one person it's not that great and also the one by criss angel does required expensive gimmick that you have to do and also with bad angles, i think it's more youtube magic, you know with fake public , all that "how my goddddddddd" reaction
Sep 12, 2007
Normandy, FRANCE
I don't think that the balducci levitation sucks ! Done right at the right time, and choosing carefully your angles, it's a killer ! But indeed, you can't just levitate if someone asks you to do so...
The Balducci isn't bad, but you do have to get the spectator's in the proper frame of mind. You get them in that "zone" and it's a miracle. You don't get them there, well then obviously it'll suck.

Speaking of getting them in the proper mindset, you could just do some street/waking hypnosis and accomplish the same effect lol.

Seriously though, that sounds like an idea I may have to try.
Aug 14, 2010
I don't like King Rising, Icarus and Skywalker. I've been researching for a long time and I think the best out there even if it sucks is the ONE Levitation and FLY Levitation. I think I'll be saving for FLY. Thanks for all the advise though.
Aug 14, 2010
I know some of you will disagree with Fly. But I think it's the best on the market. Even if the levitation is not that high, I think it's more realistic than a very high levitation. The spin is also a strong convincer I think.
making such a big of purchase as that with as little understanding for the basics of magic fundamentals that you have (judging from the content of your posts) is going to be a gigantic waste of money for you. You are much better off working on and mastering the material in card college,tarbell, or mark wilsons course in magic first.
Jan 1, 2009
Back in Time
Personally I think all Street levitation's are just kind of lame. The reason they "worked" for Blaine and Angel is because they had expensive camera men there and because Blaine pretty much edited the footage a bit, and Criss Angel pretty much paid off his stooges and paid for something over priced and edited the footage to the max.

In Real life, most street levitation's look corny and stupid. Specially if you are doing a random street performance. They could work sort of better in a stage performance, but that is usually because you have a lot of control over your audience. On the street, you barely have any control over the environment and over your audience.

As for the Fly.. If you are going to use it a few times to fool your friends... It's a huge waste of money and time.


Jul 5, 2009
Longview, Texas
The One Levitation looks good when it's done right. People can get on the ground and look under your feet so that's a plus. I'd go for that over the FLY.
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