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  1. It been over 280 hours since I made my submission, and have received no acknowledgement at all. I realise there are plenty of threads about this, but there shouldn't be. A large portion of the threads in this forum are about problems with the Wire and the submissions process, this means something is not being done correctly. Just raising awareness.
  2. Maybe it got rejected?
  3. It is recommended that if you have any concerns, to address them privately to the crew, in particular, Mr. Jikh himself. Usually if it takes a certain amount of time, that means they are still contemplating the credits, etc... Keep your head up and keep having fun creating!
  4. If this is the case they should let the Wire artist know.
  5. They have already announced several times that if it goes beyond the 72 hours, it is because the effect/flourish is going through further discerning.
  6. They also say that they will reply in 72 hours, it would be a very simple rectification to fix that.
  7. Hmm, I have never faced such kind of any problem regarding the submission of thread, may your post got rejected... I don't think it is any serious problem.
  8. From the submission guidelines: "After submitting your effect, you will receive an automated notification email within 72 hours whether your effect is APPROVED or declined based on the following factors"

    I haven't checked every availiable source of information on Wire submission, but I don't think its clearly stated anywhere about the case of which the submission is still being reviewed after 72 hours. Obviously above it says about acceptance or rejection, and its perfectly reasonable to think that it may take longer than 72 hours, but a simple notification of such would be professional.
  9. Hey guys,

    While the majority of submissions are resolved within 72 hours, some submissions certainly extend beyond that time span when additional crediting research is required, or specialist opinions are requested. For example, for a coin move submitted with no credits mentioned, the submission may be sent to Chris Kenner or Homer Liwag for expert reference. Similarly, for a card sleight, Jason England may need to locate a specific text to ensure originality.

    The best way to ensure your submission is processed swiftly is to ensure any credits or historical references are included in the original submission. Nevertheless, I have sent a message this morning to our review panel on The Wire so we can make sure future submissions receive better communication updates throughout the review process, if and when the 72 hour period has elapsed. Apologies for the lack of clarity there - we will ensure this is resolved and improved this week!
  10. I don't mind waiting longer and my hunch is that others don't mind either. It is misleading to say 3 days and not to get back to the artist for 15. So why does theory11 promise 72 hours? Why don't they just change a few words to say 72 hours to 2 weeks?
  11. I've been waiting for the release of my tricks on the wire ... almost 2 weeks now ... but still no response from theory11 even I had posted a private email to andrei jikh ...

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