Alright, I'm a beginner and I need some suggestions...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Magic Ian, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. i know very few (aka almost none at all) XCM moves and would really love to learn more, but i have two questions.

    1. I have small hands, will it make a big difference?
    2. Which DVD would you suggest i get seeing as that im a noob....

    thanks alot!
  2. 1.) No. Having small hands is an excuse used by people who are too lazy to put enough practice into it.
    2.) Xtreme Beginnerz or the Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes.
  3. hey thanks man, anyone else? just trying to get some opinions!:D
  4. Well, after you get the basics down there are many more DVDs you can buy. Such as Generation Extreme, The Trilogy, The System, Motion, Cradle to Grave, the Cobra Collection...
  5. oh ok i see thanks alot dude!
  6. Glad to help but you are in the wrong section. lol go to cardistry speciality forum.

    Yes unfortunatly to gain a ground knowlegde you will need to spend a bit of dosh. Invest carefully and buy what really catches your eye.

  7. oh whoops my bad... still trying to get used to this forum... lol, if it can be moved by one of the mods please do!
  8. Lol don't worry about it friend. Yeah it will get moved by a mod later.
    But yes, practise is progress and perception is perfection.

    oooh i sound all wise.
  9. try to get a teacher you know that creepy guy who lives around your house and does magic ask him to teach you if he says no hes a stalcker if yes hes a magican
  10. I will remind some of you that not all magicians can do XCM flourishes are more popular. XCM commonly not known as one handed stuff is more Devo style. But i would reccomend going for XB (XB2 is not good), Ninja Series from E, Card Fundamentals from 1on1 section, Crash Course Series is a good start for magic and such so is the Ninja BTW and Card fundamentals :) , I know this will get me bashed at but YOUTUBE (yes i said it) is a good start for XCM and Flourishes. Try to find someone who is good at teaching and see what he has to offer. If you are confident enough get the Tryology. And then get the moves down from there and go on to others like Devo, Kevin Ho and such....

  11. Hmm, I disagree with the above post saying that Ninja is good start for magic.

    With the Ninja series you're expected to have firm basic knowledge of some of the more difficult card sleights - the pass, miracle change etc.

    Yes they do go over these moves, but not in enough detail for someone just starting out in magic. I'd suggest you stay away from the Ninja series until you feel you're ready to start making your way up to the more intermediate side. :)

    Listen to someone who learned this the hard way ;)

    - Sean
  12. well, im not new to magic, i have been doing it since i was six, but i am new to flourishes, and i think thats were magic is going, tricks that involve cool looking flourishes... so i want to follow. besides, it just looks to damn good to pass up right? lol
  13. I'm 26 and am new the the XCM stuff i will tell you this i do agree with every one here. I also feel that you need to see a couple of different styles to see what you would like to do. Each XCMist i have seen has thier own flare to what they do. I like a lot of one handed stuff but you may like something else so i would say to get three videos of different people and see what you like. Good luck to you.


    The Toad.
  14. based on your "tricks that involve cool flourishes" comment, i would totally reccomend the trilogy. I believe it was Blaine himself that said that what the bucks did was the "future" of magic.

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