Hey everyone,

I'm getting ready for my first "performance," if you can call performing at a local amateur night an actual performance. I'm planning to do sponge ball into silk magic (transforming the sponge balls into a silk). I really like how my act is progressing. I just need to come up with a silk routine I like and a story line aside from "Hey look what I can do."

Anyone have any pointers, hints, and tips a new magician should keep in mind while preparing, what to expect, etc?

Thanks in advance,


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Sep 13, 2008
Practice more than you think you need to. Rehearse it as if you were already up there on stage. If you can, get some bright lights and shine them at you while you rehearse.

I know that sounds weird, but it's something I remember from when I started doing stage shows in clubs and such. It actually threw me off at first to have those lights glaring in my eyes and not really being able to see my audience that well because of it. I eventually learned to embrace it but there you go.

I'm an advocate of practicing and rehearsing until you are getting sick of your material. If you never find yourself thinking, "Wait, did I do the move? Oh, oh yeah, I did. Ok." then it's not automatic enough yet.
Mar 22, 2017
Yeah pretty much just practice as much as you can. Practice in front of people if you can, like friends and family.

It will give you a lot of confidence once you have completely mastered your act. It will help reducing nervousness on stage too.
What's the best way to fold a silk handkerchief. I've tried the method in Mark Wilson's book, and even tried modifying it. It always ends up way to thick to palm and I can't get it to stay shut.

Any advice is appreciated,
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