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  1. Hello magic community,

    I was wondering if anyone can put me on a good path to magic. I started really getting into magic when I was in high school. I ended up loving it and then continued to learn and practice more as I went to undergrad. After college I started to not practice as much and eventually couldn't remember to do the simplistic moves, slights, etc. I want to regain my love for it again by going through the "fundamentals" and progressing to someone who is skilled in the art. I also studied solely in card magic in the past. This time I would like to do magic with random objects, cards (again), mentalism, sponge-balls, etc. However, I would really like to focus on cards and mentalism, but I do not want to be a one trick pony like I once was.

    I have just bought the book Tarbell course of magic volume 1 and am enjoying it so far. please let me know what your thoughts are!


    Master Augustus
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  2. Tarbell is good. I'd recommend Mark Wilson's Complete Course. It has some cards, coins, bills, sponge balls, billiard balls, rope, mental magic, build it yourself magic, stage magic and lots more. For the $15 price, it is a great all-around resource.

    For playing card fundamentals, get the first two volumes of the Card College books.
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  3. If you start, I would not go for so many different things. Go into one segment and train that. And if your moves become invisible there and you can perform a nice little show with that one (and remember the tricks and moves) you can add another discipline.
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  4. Awesome! Thank you guys for getting back to me.
  5. I wouldn't say you are back to a beginner. You are just going through one of our "phases" we all go though. When in our teens we go through the magic phase of magic is so cool and we want to buy buy buy and show everyone how good we are quickly. We accumulate a lot of things and waste money. Then girls and cars become a priority and magic gets set by the way side. You'll go through many more phases where you are the "card guy" or the stage guy, etc. For me I am in a new phase of purchasing effects that leaves the spectators with a souvenir. Most importantly just have fun! Reality has given you great advice.
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  6. I will second Mark Wilson's Complete Course. That book has A LOT of magic mediums you can pick and choose from and get your feet wet in trying to see what would work for you.
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  7. Thank you everyone for your kind words and helpful tips. I think I would like to pursue mentlaism. Where should I start? I have 13 steps and it has been a gold mine. I was thinking next psychological subtleties.

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