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  1. Hi everyone, happy Sunday!

    Here's an idea for multiple selection, sandwich type, routine I've been messing around with for a little while. It was initially inspired by a Jankey Sankey sandwich effect on his 'Anytime, Anywhere' DVD, but I have combined it with (what I believe to be) and old August Roterberg idea, meaning you get two very clean sandwich effects from just a regular deck.

    Would love to hear everyones comments.

  2. Well done. I think that it looked like you were "doing something" when you got the first break. That may fly in a performance because the audience would be being shown the cards by the spectator who selected them. However, a pinkie count would work better.

    I also would suggest not to over prove. Rather than saying "So it is fair, right? Nothing is stuck to the bottom or stuck to the top", I would suggest saying "This would be easy if I knew where the cards were. Say if the cards were on the bottom or on the top. But this isn't easy, so I'll need some help." By not bringing up fairness or suggesting methods, you don't break the "spell" and have the spectators thinking about the method.

    At about :40, you speed up while showing the cards. I understand why, but if you slow the tempo down just a bit it looks more natural. The two color changes were perfectly executed -- I actually had to watch the second change a second time to see if you had a card palmed (you didn't).

    There was one logical flaw in the second reveal. The 6 and 7 go in face down, but are revealed face up. My solution would be to turn the deck upside down and then back up ("I'm going to turn all the cards upside down and if I turn the deck face up quickly like this, all the cards are face up except the 6 and the 7. Now, all I need to do is put the cards on the table and distract you for a moment to give them time to find the secod card and ... well, it's done." So rather than being a discrepancy, it becomes part of the effect.

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