Amazing Card Trick - by Cross Angel

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by 97mrdude, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Stop uploading your videos in new threads, you've already been given enough critique for a few months of improvement.
  2. This is not the right place to promote your Youtube Channel!
    I'm interested in seeing videos of members showing moves they have really practised and who what some real
    feedback, but not in stuff like that!
  3. If it offends you that much..haha..Ignore my promotion. Just watch the trick :)
  4. I prefer advice
  5. It offends everyone on this forum. Sorry for the personal attack mrdude, but you don't seem to be learning and this crap needs to stop.
  6. So be it. So Tyler, tell me... would it be OK to post a video on here Evey week? that seems fine to me.
  7. I mean ONCE a week
  8. How are you not hearing this man? Put all your videos in one thread, stop asking for subscribers. You can upload as many videos as you can copy and paste a link to, just do it in one thread.
  9. OK, Tyler go check out my comment on your post for beginner magicians
  10. Go read a book, go practice more, after that PRACTICE SOME MORE. Then go perform in the real world. The feedback you get from real people will be more honest and brutal than anything. Spamming a forum looking for validation won't get you anywhere in this art.
  11. I think you need to slow down, stop speaking so much, and think about what you're going to say first. In a lot of your videos there just seems to be endless contrived procedures happening for no obvious reason and you fidget with the cards so much it's difficult to keep track of what's actually happening.

    I would suggest watching some videos by Aaron Fisher, starting with this one.

    While he's largely talking about spreading cards here, these principles should be applied to everything you do. Try performing for real people, you'll learn a lot from it and it's much more rewarding.

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