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    In this thread I would like to here your opinion on different decks.;)

    Some of my favorite bicycle decks are...

    1. Blue/Red/Gold Dragon Backs
    2. Black Tiger (Red Pips)
    3. Reverse Deck (Black)

    I generally like the back designs and detail put into the dragon backs, and the Black Tiger has just an amazing back design as well, I like the reverse decks because they are just kinda quirky and nice to look at black is just my personal favorite.

    I love the Monarch Decks by theory11 they are amazing!! my personal favorite is the silver edition.

    I would love to here your opinions. ;)
  2. I LOVE the dragon back they're easily in my top ten decks. They handle really well and and hold up great. Mine are still intact and I use them daily.
  3. Dragon back decks are in my top ten, I also like the Nautic back and the Mechanic deck vr2.
  4. I would love dragon backs, except I didn't care for the handling too much. Maybe it was just that one deck, I will give it another try. Here is a list of my top five decks I absolutely love!

    - Rebels
    - Infinity
    - Ogma
    - Steampunk
    - Purple LTD
  5. My favorite deck is bees. Plain n simple
  6. My top 5 are: Madison Rounders (black)---Monarchs (red)---The Fifth Jack deck---Fontaines (blue)---Mystery Box deck.
  7. I agree that at first glance they look like red monarchs, but thats no big deal. Those cards look fantastic and if i had the money i would be buying a brick for sure.

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