Ambitious Card People

Dec 22, 2007
So my brother told me about something weird today. Ill get back to that.

Anyway, one night i was trying to fall asleep and i was thinking of how to structure my ACR. Then i fell asleep.

My brother told me that that night, i sleepwalked. He was still awake in the living room, and i came out and asked him while sleeping, "Where are the Ambitious Card people?"

The my bro told me to go back to bed, and he said i looked angry, and then i left.

I dont remember any of that ever happening, rofl.
I sleep walk all the time, I sleept walked in the road at night, and my docter ordered me to take some special medicine that gives me headaches. so its get hit by a car or headache...
anyways your problem is that you think to much when you go to bed..
I do the same on purpose only to lucid dream (realize I am dreaming while dremaing to have full control over my dream)
anyways yeah, just relax your mind and you wont sleep walk/talk :D
good luck mate, thanks for shareing...
Dec 22, 2007
Well i really dont consider this a huge problem. i was just sharing, lol. One time i was sleepwalking and i went into my parents' room and took a piss in a drawer, lol.
Sep 3, 2007
My friend woke up, looked at me, and said, "But what do we do with the dead people." I asked him in the morning about it and he said one time he had an entire conversation for a few hours about baseball without waking up. Another time, he said, " How can you not know! " To another person who was asleep, I said, "what?" he said, "what?" and after a few times he just leaned back into bed.
Aug 7, 2008
I certainly talk in my sleep, I can't stop thinking before I go to bed. I've only slept walked once or twice (if at all), but there are some weird after midnight things that happen in my house. My sister has heard, and continues to hear weird noises from my room at night, even though I wasn't sleeping in there. We've had a radio start playing a heavy metal cd at 3 in the morning, and much more. I also roll in my sleep, extensivley. I usually end up tossing off one of my blankets, and i've hit people in the same bed (punched my mom in the eye when I was five). My mom sleepwalked when she was a kid though, once she climbed into a tree house, and then proceded to walk out, while asleep (by walk out I mean fall out). I apparently ramble about crazy stuff while i'm asleep though. Science type things. I once even said "goodnight" to my sister when she walked by my room....while I was alseep.
Jun 10, 2008
Newcastle upon Tyne
'The ambitious card people...'

Thats really sinister! haha.

If you generally have problems sleeping, you could try self-hypnosis. I discussed it last night with a friend, and my self-induction is very similar to transcendental meditation, which my friend practices to relax his mind before sleep... Just as an aside...

My friend slept on the top of a bunk bed, with his drawers beside it.
While sleeping, he fell off the top bed, smashed his head on the corner of the drawers, and stayed asleep on the floor.
He woke up the next morning with blood all over the floor and a massive head injury, yet he slept through it.
The moral is, sleep on the goddamn bottom bunk.
I was at summer camp and I sleep walked, and I rolled out of my cot and and busted my head on a rock, and the group leaders picked me up and put me back in my bed. I never knew what happend, until the next morning I woke up and i said my head hurts really bad, and thay told me LOL...
May 8, 2008
I don't know about you guys, but when I dream, it is usually about girls, but maybe I am the weird one...

Don't be ridiculous, magic is our lives, I live and sleep magic. Ah. I jest.
I've never dreamt about cards...
I sleep in the same position everynight. Maybe roll over once. Never sleep-walked. Occasionaly I very quietly mumble.
That's right, I'm just as interesting as the rest of you...
This is going to sound weird and a bit unbelievable but here it goes...

Every year I have the same dream twice. one exactly 2 weeks after the first. So if I have the first dream on October 7 then I'll have it again on October 21.

In the dream I am wandering looking for a key to someones safe. I am all alone except for a man who shoots a gun at me. Eventually I kill him and I get the key. I open the safe and find a Last Will and Testament. It reads"This is the last Will and Testament of"... then it always ends there. But when I wake up I am always in a corner somewhere in my house and my parents find an Ace in every room of the house.( I must stick them there. I don't know how i find them while i'm in the dark.)

Dylan P.
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