Ambitious Magician in Los Angeles Looking to Meet Other Hungry Magicians to Practice/Work With.

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    Hello, my name is Matthew and I live in Los Angeles right near the Magic Castle. I am absolutely engrossed in the world of magic and don't have enough friends or people in general to perform for or practice with. I love sharing what I know, acting as a mentor, and am not looking for anything other than cool people (age, race, gender, etc. do not matter to me, so long as you are truly into MAGIC) that are really into magic that I can practice/perform/learn from/help/etc. with hopefully on a fairly regular basis.

    I am looking to meet other ambitious and talented magicians and mentalists in the area to learn and grow with. Also looking for potential partner for business ventures completely related to magic but only if we are a great connection. If there are already groups or a group of magicians in the L.A. area that someone is aware of, I would really appreciate any info about it if they wouldn't mind having another in the group. I really love magic and would really enjoy practicing, teaching, learning from and growing with other great magicians/people.

    Please reach out to me here or by cell phone at any time. [Removed by Moderator, PM instead] - Again, contact me any time and thank you for your time. I hope everyone is having a magical week :) Cheers! - Matthew K.
  2. I think it'd be better if you kept you personal info away until someone PMs you about it. Leaving it open on the net like that isn't very safe.
  3. Hey thanks for that. I am new to this site and that is good advice. I will figure it out but I am assuming I can edit my original post to take that out right?
    Thanks again.
  4. Well first off, welcome!
    Secondly, you can only edit within the 1st 5 min of the post, so you may want to contact the support team and ask them if they can edit it/delete it.
  5. Well considering how many people are responding to this, maybe I shouldn't be too worried this time. I will be much more cautious in the future. Know of any groups like I mentioned in my post in the LA area? Have a great night.
  6. If you would like we have a meet up group that meets every monday in Tustin. I know it is a bit far, but if you want to maybe compute down once or so a month it is freaking fun! Deets in your PM!
  7. How cool! Not sure how far Tustin is, but sounds doable. Will check the details and get back to you. Thanks so much for the invite!

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