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  1. I don't know who else watches this show, but its turning out to be a good year for magic. I think Murray and Michael Grasso really changed how Magicians are viewed on this show. So far this season they have been putting through more variety acts rather than their normal slew of dancers and singers. So far we have 4 illusions, a comedy magic act, and a quick change act. Also if you go to you can vote illusionist Brett Daniels
  2. Wrong year, that was in 2010.
  3. If someone has the link for this year's one that'd be coolio if you could post it.
  4. They're still auditioning so it won't be for a few more episodes
  5. I saw Murray last month at a local casino for free! (2 drink minimum) so for under $10 dollars I got to watch him perform for 15-12 minutes, plus watch the rest of the show, it was amazing. Then after the show I got to meet him and I had him try and sign a couple of cards, and the sharpie didn't work :( , so he signed a cocktail napkin, and I have it sitting in a zip lock bag where I keep my other magic stuff.
  6. Ok then. . . the 2011 season don't have Murry. . . I think there's only one poor little rich kid with a John Gaughan magic kit in the line-up. His audience was composed of roughly $30k in big illusions from which six or so girls were produced and he did a sub-trunk type piece with a box large enough for a hippo and absolutely no sense of suspense/presentation -- he sold everything very SHORT! Proving out why kids from money should never be allowed to build a "show" until they've actually gone out and WORKED in show biz for a year or two, preferably in a manner that allows them to understand both, magic as well as showmanship.

    It would seem that old timer Brett Daniels has submitted a YouTube audition but again, we're talking big illusions. Brett is a very seasoned, polished performer and award winner and so, he has the greater advantage, but he's played Vegas, Laughlin, Tahoe, Atlantic City and more.

    I'm rather bent when it comes to this other kid in that he's everything Magic shouldn't be, especially when it comes to grand illusions (there's a lot more to it than having a bunch of boxes).
  7. Fantastic Fig and Newton are my favourite of the show.

    ㄱㄱ Mystique, I'm not sure if was trolling because man even though it was small clips of his audition, but it made my cringe inside.
  8. I'm pretty sure my cat would kill me if I put it on my shoulders...
  9. He did great until he let the damn girls do their thing... Problem is, he'll have to do a heck of a lot more than some solid card index work (card tricks, as a whole) to move up the ladder. My hope would be that he is able to slay the public by NOT moving into the big box stuff.

    Many years ago Paul Daniel came in to Vegas for the first time so as to fill in for Sigfried & Roy for a week or two. The management of the Casino go real nervous when he showed up with nothing more than a brief case, stating that it was the entire act. That was however, prior to watching him put 800 people on the floor in laughter by doing a 10-minute chop cup routine on stage.

    This is what I believe we really need to see when it comes to a Magician being able to win in the competition, not big boxes but big talent as showman and manipulator. Anyone can learn how to present a box (and yes, it takes much more than owning such things), but it takes a very specially sort of person and loads of dedication when it comes to becoming a genuine PRESTIDIGITATOR. . . something that's very rare in today's world.

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