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    made this up while bored one day..

    effect goes like this.
    spectator chooses 2 cards. both can be signed.
    one is placed at my pocket and the other is left on your hand,

    of course, it's just an illusion. the card your holding is actually the card that was placed in your pocket and the card that you held is in your pocket.

    watch to see what I mean ^__^

    note: I made it up. I actually have no Idea if it has a rather similar effect on another one. o_O
  2. Not great if I'm honest...

    The methodology is the same as a card transpo in RRTCM I think, and you flashed the 6S when you copped it from the deck.

    I also assume that you used the shuffle and gambler's cop because you're not comfortable with the top palm, but the top palm would be more appropriate to use in this case. So I'd say learn any top palm and adapt your methodology to incorporate it.

  3. I like critisism. haha.

    Dunno RRTCM. And the 6 won't flash if I had the effect in the spectators view. my webcam is too low for solo magic. idk.

    yeah, not comfortable iwth the top palm because I have relatively small hands. Birth defect I think. hha
  4. Alright
    1. Not a bad trick, but nothing that you can really call original.
    2. Your execution was rather bad. It wasnt much of a problem of the webcam, it was just shabby. (no offense, kinda)
    3. Were you high when you did the voice over?
  5. No I'm not high. I just have a bad case of the cold *sniff
  6. kinda seemed like it.
    not exact quote:
    "oh yea! six of spades oh yea! Ill do this and youll be like what the ****! and yea! Alright!"
  7. not a bad idea, tho i think its been created b4, you flashed a few times but practice and youll get it. and relax your posture a bit, you reminded me of one of those clowns that when you punch it it rocks back and forth.

  8. 1. You flashed 6 on the bottom. Practice to not move so much ...

    2. Almost like Daniel Madison's Lapse from Dangerous, just another handling.
  9. not very original... why are you claiming originality before you even check around to see it the slight have been created before? and if you don't know RRTCM... you should... it's one of the must reads for anyone starting magic in card slights. RRTCM = Royal Road to Card Magic.

    why is it that these days people just can't wait to post a video online and call it their "original effect"? what is wrong with practicing basic slights until you can perform them smoothly before you consider uploading a video where you are actually flashing/exposing the different moves? if you figure out how to make a light bulb on your own, will you post a video on the Internet and call it your original creation?

    i will quote something great i read recently on a different thread by Steerpike -

    you should go back to step 1, practice until you can do that well. then may be upload a video of you doing a classic effect, before you try to jump to step 5 again.
  10. umm... i recommend a different handling of that color change or a new color change entirely if you must.... also pointing out that the 6 of spades is just one card seems ridiculous because.... why wouldn't it be one card to the spectator?
  11. Not original, and absolutely terrible.

    nayost said everything I would have.
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    -Key Points I Saw In The Video:

    -Not Original even thought you claimed it was in the video and description
    -Handling of the deck was terrible
    -You flashed once or a few times
    -I suggest a different handling if not execution of the moves
    -Voice was kind of wierd, but you said that you had a I'll excuse that one
    -Your ShapeShifter color change was not even done right...just horrible
    -I wouldn't even bother rating this video has it is not even worth watching...Did you even watch this fim before you even uploaded it

  13. uhhhh that was a horrible performance... terrible. stop narrating what the spectator's will say, it is quite annoying. and stop screaming. and you said that you didn't know if it was original or not. then why did you say during the effect that it was original... cause it is deffinitly not. it is the same principle as any other transpo, but just using your pocket. and your shapeshifter was horendous. and you know that there isn't a cleanup besides dropping the cards onto the deck. but you dropped the two cards in differnet places. thus making it obvious that you had two cards. so work on it a lot. and don't post videos until you watch them. so you can catch mistakes like that. you can just refilm. it's not that hard.
  14. hi bro im from the philippines to.. youve taken lots of beating but its true...
    maybe you just used the wrong words...
    its a variation of lapse i think?? or your own handling of the said effect...
    just keep it up and keep on practicing...


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