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  1. I really wish Theory11 had tin deck cases, specifically for any standard size deck. So you can put any deck into it. It would be great for when you'd want to do street magic and you want to have something flashy to go with your act. Think of it like a money clip, except, for cards. What does everyone else think?
  2. I would love a card clip with some of the really nice designs and artwork from T11.
  3. I'd like to see a keychain of some sort so I can put it on the zipper of my show bag
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  4. So many things I want to see
    1. Carat card cases with the T11 design etched into it to protect your cards aswell as display them gracefully
    2. A quality close up mat
    3. A poker card guard
    4. As mentioned above, a Keyring of sort
    5. Mini playing cards (although that probably wouldn't be in gear)
    6. T11 storage box
    7. Fridge Magnets
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  5. I think a nice metal card deck "box" with the T11 logo would be awesome.. protect your cards and look awesome !
  6. A carrier that has enough room for two decks of cards at the exact same time.

    (Italicized to emphasize just how much I'd like this). Also with a small section/pocket/pouch, etc for coins, rubber bands, etc.
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  7. Personally, I love Ellusionist's Porper Clip. Specifically, the one that they used to sell for their thicker decks. The reason is, is that I love to carry extra gimmicked cards (i.e. Sleeper), and I hate pulling out the jokers. I would LOVE for T11 to produce a clip like this; however, preferably without the art work of their decks of cards (what Ellusionist does) as I'm kind of OCD about not carrying a deck of cards that have a different case then what's on the clip. I have one of D&D's Porper clips but I don't use it as much due to the reason that I can only fit 52 cards in it.
  8. I have a Joe Porper clip, but I'd love to see a Theory 11 one.
    I seem to recall someone saying that they'd only do it if they could find a way to make it truly unique and special though. Personally, I think a good one would be one that fits their embossed decks in it along with jokers and with a nice theory 11 design.
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  9. I was never a fan of the Ellusionist card clips for that particular reason, really put me off. Porper's are nice, I have a purple one from the blue crown, really tight though. My fave ones that I own and use are the Coterie Metal Jacket Blister clip, I have both versions and they make such an awesome utility device as well as protecting my cards
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  10. If you don't carry gimmicks along with your normal deck, I could definitely see how it would be irritating. Since I'm not a stage performer (I'm a nurse) I need to keep my magic supplies protected as best as possible since my line of work puts my stuff at risk of damage (i.e. fluids of any kind). Not to mention, I'm like a walking swiss army knife while at work; so the more compact and organized I can keep my stuff, the better. But at the same time, I still own a regular Porper clip.

    I don't know how efficient it would be to create a clip/pouch to keep one's cards and gimmicks? Like one of the ideas that I have had is taking a Porper clip and attaching something like a money clip to it. However, this would expose the gimmicks to the wear, tear, and warping of the inside of one's pocket (extremely undesirable, especially with the price of refills).

    I've been working on a handful of ideas over the years as I do some basic leather work (go Boyscouts). However, they're proving to be very bulky and not overly conducive to my goals. The attached photo is a picture of my latest design. It's very simple and the one that I've liked the most so far. Again, problem is that it's bulky. However, I can put a Porper clip and some gimmicks in it, and it works well if I throw it in something like a cargo pocket of my pants (but who wears cargo pants anymore except me?).

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  11. Oh sweet that you're a nurse, I have the highest respect for nurses, they've done a lot for me :)

    Joshua Jay has an awesome item that you can carry all your close up items in. It's called the Pro Carrier. It holds one deck of cards, has a window slot for your business cards, a zip pocket for your coins, 2 more additional pouches for a packet trick or any extra cards and fits in your pocket or you can wear it on your belt. It's pretty sweet.

    He also released the Cardfolio, a wallet that has a slot for your cards and an in built notepad and pen to write down your ideas on the go. Gimmicked with a front load for business cards too.

    Your card protector looks nice, reminds me of the vintage card carriers they had back in the day, but I've only ever seen them for mini decks. I have one somewhere.
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  12. -scam school has a really amazing quality close up mat. Wood side and fabric side.
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  13. And here I am still waiting on this display case/box(?) that Theory11 teased, in what feels like a million years ago.
    When the Citizens came out I thought it was that box, it's similar...but this looks way cooler.

    Soo...Theory 11...any news?

  14. That box was a prototype of things we have released and of things to come. That exact box won't likely be released, but you may see some familiar elements in the future...

    // L
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  15. Dun Dun Duuuuuunnnnnnnn...

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