Anaconda Autographs on dvds ?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Gambit_x, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. I was just curious if anyone got the gold autographs on the front cover of the anaconda dvd case ?

    I got an email from the Virts with a screen shot of what id be getting and there was autographs on the dvd in nice gold writing.

    Mine didn't come with that :(
  2. neither did mine. i don't really care though.
  3. Your lucky....I still havent gotten mine!
  4. No autograph on mine.
  5. send the dvd to me, ill autograph it
  6. Hahaha sounds good can you you take your picture holding my dvd too ? that would be great.
  7. absolutely, whatever you need ill do for you :)
  8. got the DVD but without the golden autograph
  9. don't worry i can autograph yours as well
  10. Ditto.......
  11. well, mine is autographed, but only by bone ho, i requested it
  12. Just got mine today, have yet to open it. It is un-signed though.

    I love chemistry, math, socials and senior planning. ='(
  13. Mine is signed by the Virts and Bone Ho, but I requested it, and it was on the back of the DVD rather than the front.

  14. If you wanted to get the autographed anaconda dvd, you had to request as you made the order. I made that request and they autographed it for me in gold.

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