Anaconda Dribble is Impossible

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  1. itis well hard ive tried it found a tutorial and its notgonna work its wll hard the cards either fly everywhere or drop a quarter of the deck at a t:mad::mad:ime.
  2. I dont do it exactly the way its taught in the pictures because the same thing happen to me.
    But all i do is I grab the deck ready for a just a normal dribble but I move the top hand up
    and the one catching the cards down and it looks exactly like they do only coming down sideways if you know what i mean.
  3. Its hard, but there are many people that can do it. Practice makes viable. ;)
  4. Nothing is impossible (other than Jerrys going for 1 dollar per deck). I found the Anaconda Dribble by myself 1 year ago while messing with a new deck.
    - Cannot stress how important a new deck is. If it is your old crappy bees then it wont work
    - I do a normal dribble grip rather than the taught. I just move my hand appart at the same time and come back together at the same time. and it somehow works
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    start out low and then work your way up.
    you can buckle the deck upwards a little to make it easier to dribble one card at a time....or sometimes, i do the opposite and buckle it downwards...try it both ways, see which way is easier.
    Remember to apply a lot of pressure from your index finger and pull up on the corner with your thumb.
  6. This can't be serious. If you can't do it, you can do one of two things. A) Stop *****ing and practice or B) Quit. There's nothing that can be said that will do this move for you. Practice.
  7. C) keep *****in and do nothing.
  8. The Anaconda is not a begginer sleight.

  9. according to my calculations...
    it's not even considered a sleight.
    i could be wrong though =P
  10. Quoted for truth.
  11. dexterity/sleight: adroitness in using the hands

    But that's past the point ;)

  12. Hang in there dude. Believe me, there are harder moves out there than an Anaconda - but start out slow and keep at it, I know people who can do it through sheer practice.
  13. Ah! But little did you know the Anaconda is used with your feet! Ha!
  14. [​IMG]

  15. [​IMG]


    If you can't do something right, here's what you can do:

    1. Practice. "Holy ##q#, why didn't I think of that?"

    2. Stop posting threads if you haven't practiced at all; post only if you've practiced for at least a week and you still can't make progress AT ALL.

    3. Buy some of these:

    You won't be a pro, but on the other hand it'll be good for Youtube vids.

    4. Give up.

    And why name yourself a card beginner? The Anaconda, while definitely not the hardest flourish, is not for beginners.

    That being said, try to riffle cards off one by one; that is essential.
    It took me a month and a half of practice; I can now dribble cards 60-70 centimeters, depending if I'm sitting or standing.

    If you still need more help, either pm me, or read my thread, "Bone's Anaconda Dribble."

  16. Practice makes perfect my friend. If your user name matches your skill level, you shouldn't even be practicing this since it is not for beginners. If you want some assistance, shoot me a PM.

  17. Greenman !!!
  18. -Nothing is impossible.
  19. Cerca Trova.
  20. [​IMG]

    I wouldn't say its impossible :)

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