Anaconda DVD - A $72.000 production?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by TheCuso, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. If you check the photos at the site they say they've spent like $72.000 in the production of the dvd.

    The move is awesome and the Eye Cut is a bonus but... Isn't it too much?

    I wonder how much Andrei's dvd is going to cost.

    Here is the link to the site btw
  2. shhhhhhhhhhhhh its a secret
  3. yeah i think it is too much but you know they might have a suprise for us.
  4. Well, knowing how big Bone and the Virts' fanbase is, I won't be surprised if they make double, or even triple the amount they used in production.
  5. thats pretty cool, although its a raffle kinda thing
  6. Nahh doubt it. They've never seemed to produce a dvd for the sake of getting money. Take it individually- Huron's fire in the hole and Kevin's smooth operations were averagely (if not lower) priced.
  7. I cant see how they could possibly have spent that much, unless they are including things like all the cameras, lighting, possibly hiring of a venue, flights, accomodation etc.

    Even then its a stretch.
  8. actually, that sounds right if they include all the equiptment, because by the looks of it, they bought some pretty high end gear. So far all of their releases have been very high quality...

    but if that's the case, then it's a touch misleading. because now they have the equiptment for good.
  9. On Bone forums, he says they built a pro studio and bought pro equipment for this DVD.

  10. ^ I guess that explains the 72,000 part. :p
  11. It's a DVD?
    Looks unlike any release I've seen... what's with the 78,000 attending, or whatever the number?
  12. That's the number of people who will be attending the online contest I guess. Not sure where they got the number from but I'm sure alot of people have already entered.
  13. Where did they get 78,000 from?


  14. You can find out by doing some math. When you plan a big show you also have to estimate the number of people you have to get to accomplish something. Its mostly guessing but these numbers are kinda correct. They dont line up exactly but its mostly off by a long shot or a little one.

  15. 72,000 is a lot! :eek:
  16. I think 78,000 is probably a bit too much,

    But there are about that number of members on the Ellusionist Forum alone, so depending on the interest there could be a number close to half that perhaps?

    With alot of 'threads' on their website only with a couple of comments, I cant imagine they would get 78,000 on at once, but we will see!
  17. So the only thing we know is that they spent less than $1 for each "attendant" :p
  18. I'd be surprised if 1% of the 72,000 people number they made up actually look at it. Their Twitter has 375 followers. Now where, exactly, are the other 71,650 supposed to be coming from? I love that. I wish them the best with this project, but it could do without the hype.
  19. Or could it;). Can any project become popular without hype?
  20. I hope not.. I want this product all to myself :p haha.

    Anyways, I joined the site a few days ago from I think one of TheVirts or Lee Asher's e-mail. Not sure. But yah, I may enter the contest for fun.

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