Anaconda DVD Available Again!

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  1. Not sure if this is allowed here since it's technically an advertisement, but I thought it would be nice especially for those that weren't into Cardistry/Flourishing back during WLD'09 when it was originally released.

    The Anaconda DVD is available once again!

    For those of you who do not know what the Anaconda is, it's the amazingly long dribble by Bone Ho.

    The Virts are now giving away the DVD as part of rewards for their latest Help Save Japan fundraiser, anyone that donates $25 will get the DVD, or you can donate more and get it in all sorts of bundles with tutorials for The Eye Cut and Squeeze also available. It's only running for two weeks, so I didn't want anyone to miss out, and its also for a good cause.

    You can visit the page at

    Sorry again if this was inappropriate to post here, I was just excited as I love everything by The Virts but it can be hard to know what they are up to!
  2. I was also thinking of spreading the word on the theory11 forums but was worried it would be considered an advertisement :confused:.

    I have given my $50 Dollar donation and encourage others to give a donation as well. The quality of the tutorials is astounding and the visuals and audio are crisp. The Squeeze tutorial is very detailed with freeze frames showing you the position of each individual finger needed for the move and text to help you along the way. The moves needed to perform Squeeze (Stretch Cut and One Handed Revolution) are also taught making the Squeeze tutorial an ease to follow. But most importantly it is nice knowing that I have done a good deed contributing to Help Save Japan :). The Virts and Bone Ho are truly great people!
  3. The Virts raised 10751USD until today. 10 days to go , hope everyone can involve to help Japan.

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