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  1. Effect:

    Based on Kenton's Kollosal Killer, this is a thought of card in wallet.
    This method however slims it down to fit inside any normal wallet or envelope.
    A Spectator is told that you have a card in your wallet - they are asked to name a number for the value of the card, then they are asked to name the suit that this card is.
    The card is tipped out to show that your prediction is correct!

    • Inside this .pdf holds the secret to Dee's psychological force, but the real strength is the method.
    • This effect is very clean, simple, direct and hits very hard, all you have to do is utter one sentence.
    • Although the .pdf is short in length, it describes everything in more than enough detail.
    • The method is very devious, yet really well thought out and something that Dee has put time into
    • Teaching was very clear and detailed, Dee explains how and why it works.
    • Dee also gives many little subtleties, outs and applications and effects, as well as other effects to look into if interested in this type of mentalism.
    • Many ideas and variations can be made from this.
    • Although it doesn't hit 100%, as with other forces, with a bold approach and a little confidence it'll hit really hard. With the right presentation it will work well.
    • Very deceptive, devious and convincing.
    • Pick it up!
    • http://deechristophermagic.com/anate.cfm
  2. I personally love this effect...yes its devious...yes thats your card choosen in the wallet...yes..dee is awseome...an yes...I envy his new E.S.P symbols tattoo he jus got recently..lol..overall...V. Great reveiw...great friend...my reveiw of the reveiw..9/10..(not a ten due to the effect is not 100% bulletproof)
  3. I completley agree...very great and devious effect.
    I love it!
    Thanks for taking interest in this review.
  4. Thanks to u V.lol...others can expirence this reveiw an gain insight on this effect...which everyone shoul pick up! Oh by the way V...that "project" is progressing well..hehe
  5. Thanks and Agreed, in my opinion it's worth checking out and something that everybody should pick up.
  6. Does anyone have any pictures of the tattoo? I'd love to see it.
  7. Yo. Thanks for the review, glad you guys are into ANATE - it's been getting a GREAT response :)

    Tatt pic below! [it's actually on the left arm, but the macbook flips it]



  8. @Dee, thanks for the response.

    +Sick tattoo, very cool
  9. i'm going to pick up this effect.
    p.s. D, that tattoo is effing awesome.
  10. I picked this up and have tried it twice---the first time it worked like a charm (afterwards the spectator even mentioned that she changed her mental selection after I asked for her selection!). The 2nd time it did not work (I learned later that this person always chooses a certain number).

    My question to others who have this effect---do you think it works better on individuals who are more educated? If you know the secret you will understand why I ask. When I think of people I know, there are certain people who I think it will definitely work because of their education and the focus of their studies (I am trying to be general so as to not expose). Others I know, who quite frankly I do not think the effect would have any chance with. I am curious to hear what others think.

    By the way, I think the method is brilliant.
  11. It's certainly very interesting. Especially in this case, I'm sure that it would indeed work more often with spectators who have been educated and indeed are used to living in a way that would benefit Anate greatly. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it were the case. I would draw parallels to picking a spectator for any effect with similarly daring methods - certain types of people will always be more susceptible, per se, to effects such as these.
  12. Forcing of the number?

    If you use the Kolossal Killer principal, shouldn't the number hit 100% of the time? Hmmm... and here I was thinking it was a suit force... ah well
  13. It doesn't use the KK principle at all, the original title of the routine was "Simplex Killer" the effect is based on that of KK but it only requires you have ONE card in your wallet.

    The ANATE force is very powerful and has been endorsed by very prominent figures in the industry, Andrew Mayne, Ben Harris and Kenton himself to name a few.

    If you're into linguistics, you'll LOVE it.



  14. Its something you will marry if you find out. I would love to use it but ive yet to find a way to do it in my language. But i will :), soon!!!:cool:

  15. This is a great effect. I personally use alot of the material Dee has put out and I can tell you hands down the quality is top notch. Get it you wan't be disappointed.
  16. I went out on the street today to try this effect. I took the one card that i "predict" they will choose. To practice, I just stopped people and said I was doing a kind of experiment. If I hit, I would show them the card. If not, I just said thank you and walked away. I think this is a good way to practice the effect--if you miss, no harm. You weren't doing a "trick" in the first place. One girl it worked perfect. She looked at me--said "thats cool" and walked off. I could tell she was stunned. I think for the rest of her life she will remember the guy that walked up to her, told her to pick a card, and then slowly turned the very card she named in my hand.
  17. Wicked idea to practice Brehaut! I don't let a lot of people into the full routine I use and the out I now use, but I'll post it here for you guys to use. I'm assuming you know LOKI from my pieces at 3am book, if not - get it, ANATE fans love P@3AM too!!

    The script goes as follows:

    "I'd like to try a little experiment, this will allow me to effectively analyze you to the extent that I will be able to accurately predict your actions. I have a card here, I want you to look at the back of the card. Perfect."

    *Now I go into the ANATE script which I of course won't write here :p*

    When it hits I flick over the card and they explode.

    On the occasions it doesn't hit, I'll put the card away and do as follows:

    "Ah, Perfect, in giving that answer I think I've got you figured out. I've got 3 poker chips here, I want you to take one and place it in your pocket, do the same with the other two also, I'll look away."

    I pose ANATE as a primary experiment to the main effect LOKI if it doesn't hit, if it does I'll simply leave the effect there and use LOKI as an out elsewhere in similar way. It's a VERY powerful presentation done like this as there doesn't appear to be any miss, its just hit hit mc hit!!!


  18. Brilliant.

    Anate is pretty damn sexy. I've had it for less than 24 hours and tried it 3 times, hit twice (even forced a suit once...for fun and practice) and the time it didn't hit I was able to get out of it. (I'm a lucky man...I use play cards as bookmarks and the book I'm currently reading was on the table and they picked the card that was inside of it...talk about spooky).

    Since I do own P@3am (gotta love bogo) Loki will probably take place as an out. If not any of the other ones you mentioned in the pdf are perfectly acceptable.

    Like Dee said, if you like linguistics you'll love this.

  19. Anate is something I personally love (using). Great job, Dee. 10/10 :)
  20. I'm a little late to the dance on this one, but I wanted to chime in. ANATE was interesting to say the least. I do think it's a little pricey for what you get. However, if it's something you use regularly, the investment would be well worth it. For me, I don't think it suits my style. I've posted my full review here: http://calebwiles.blogspot.com/2010/09/magic-review-anate-by-dee-christopher.html

    I guess the real test is to see if anyone is still using the technique now that all of the hype has died down. Anyone?


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