ANATE [Simplex Killer] by: Dee Christopher

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  1. Hey all, Branden here to talk about Dee's newest mentalism release, ANATE.

    ANATE is dropping tonight ,, and it's really something.

    Based on Kenton's Kollosal Killer, this is a thought of card in wallet. This method however slims it down to fit inside any normal wallet or envelope. A Spectator is told that you have a card in your wallet - they are asked to name a
    number for the value of the card, then they are asked to name the suit that this card is. The card is tipped out to show that your prediction is correct!

    That's all it is - that clean, that simple, that amazing.

    Along with his included flagship effect, Simplex Killer, Dee offers three other applications that use the same method, but that doesn't mean that's where this method can stop. There are many different variations that can birth from this idea.

  2. do u guys have any videos of cinders that trick sounds sick
  3. There's video's of people performing Cinders around the place, David Fulde recorded one about 6 months ago.

    As for ANATE - It's now OUT.

    Just look at the reviews - They speak for themselves.


  4. Just a quick note as it is late.

    Dee kindly sent this to me and this is devious!

    Also, I consider this as very simple to perform, anyone who has done a small amount of mentalism, which is probably every magician on here, could do this and nail it first try... As I did.

    As I said to Dee, I really believe, if built up well, this could be a reputation maker. Period.

    Dee gives a few ideas of extra effects that you could perform using this devilish principal, it also got my brain working over time since I learned it.

    A more in depth review of this tomorow.


  5. Hey, Thanks for the kind words Lloyd!

    I'm really glad you like it!:D

  6. I am fully confident performing this, as of yet I have 100% success rate.

    I have had this idea that I'm going to try out tonight:
    You planted the card on a spec a while before the performance. A while later go into the effect. Imagine how completely and utterly fooled they would be when they find that their thought of card has materialized in their wallet/pocket/etc.

    I'm gonna give this a whirl later on tonight and let you guys know how it plays.

    Again, amazing work Dee!


  7. Also, I spoke about another idea on the Cafe about showing an indifferent card and hand it to a spec (switching it for the card you want them to think of) then proceed with the effect.

    Dee tried this out the same night and said the reactions were "RIDICULOUS"

    Hope some of you use this, if not Anate alone is just amazing!


  8. Lloyd speaks the truth! I used his routine last night in a bar and it was mental!!

    Looking forward to hearing some more thoughts!

  9. Sounds like someone just put the manufacturers of invisible decks out of business.

    Has someone just gone and invented a completely examinable version of the invisible deck?

    My only question is a small one. It always makes me nervous when the only person reviewing an effect is someone that got it for free, due to a relationship with the creator. Dee, you normally produce top notch stuff, but I've been burned by effects like this before, lol.

    What seperates this from like the hundreds of total FAILs that have come before it?
  10. no
    this will not in any way replace the invisible deck
    have it, sorta kinda like it

    but it is a different concept than the invisible deck
  11. So you're telling me that I couldn't put a card face down in a deck in front of a specator and then perform the psychological force and have them then examine the deck?

    Or do that prior to presenting the effect, and then go through a full invisible deck routine with the force forcing them to then name the card in the deck, so they can then go through the deck themselves, take the deck out of the box and find their own card reversed in it?

    From the descriptions that's possible as there's no difference between that and putting a card on the table. My skepticism hovers around the effectiveness of the force on people with an above average IQ.
  12. You can put the force card face down in the deck, and then go on an perform an invisible deck style routine.

    Basically, you are psychologically forcing a single card.

    Trust me, pick this up, it is so worth the money!

  13. OCW,

    You could ask them to name the card reversed in the deck, yes. In fact, Devin Knight detailed his practice routine for the force was using a brainwave deck, so that while he was still practicing it, he had a hit either way.

    The cafe thread is here:

    While I did send out several free copies to friends, etc, there are many people who have bought the effect and LOVE it.

    As stated, it's a psyche force, but it's pretty sure fire. I detail a scripted out that works a treat, it simply erases the effect completely in a very logical way ;);)

    All the best,

  14. I bought it and like it. But it just seems like too much for too little. Such a short PDF for more than 20 bucks. I felt a little cheated, but hey thats life
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    Really glad you like the effects!:)

    I was in fact going to price the PDF a lot higher, this is a brand new linguistic technique - a very solid almost sure fire psychological force.

    It's a technique aimed at the professional and it would have sold well at $50 a copy, or more. (I could have gone Luke Jermay and charged $300 and not sent people anything!:p lol)

    I priced it at £14.99 as I wanted to make it more accessible to the curious, to try and get these thoughts around and get people thinking about the methodology and techniques they use differently and as a solid introduction to these kinds of techniques.

    All the best,

  16. I just got this last night (yes, paid for). Haven't tried it out yet, but I love the method and Dee's thinking on this. (Brilliant work, man.)

    I highly recommend this for anyone interested in it based on what they've read so far. It's fantastic.
  17. Ah, Thanks alot for the kind words Mat! I'm really glad you like it!:)


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