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  1. just wait for his dvd, should be out relatively soon
  2. Soooooon...
  3. I bet your tired of telling them huh?
  4. The Sybil Cut is X-Sybil into Sybilism. There is a tutorial for X-Sybil on this site, its by Jonas Haglund. Sybilism is taught on the Trilogy by Dan and Dave.

    The tornado looking cut is Mockingbird. There are no public tutorials for this move. There are a couple "underground" tutorials for it that tons of people have.

    the card twirl is Huron Lows Firefly Two Card Twirl combined with Andrei's Bullet Move. Bullet will be Taught on Andreis dvd.

    the rest are simple flourishes, like a thumb fan, and the one handed fan, which are taught in Cardistry 101 which is avalible here.
  5. That isn't fair to say JB. There is only one thing in that video that Andrei created, Bullet. Everything is other peoples.
  6. all JB said was "SOOOON" whats not fair about that?
  7. He's saying that all those flourishes will be taught soon...when most of them are already taught...he's probably confusing the guy who just wants to know where to learn this crap
  8. well, i interpreted it more as saying andrei's dvd will be here soon, and luckily you were kind enough to credit all the other moves so everything should be good now. no harm no foul.
  9. He said no such thing. One cant be sure in what he was reffering to.
    The most obvious,is the DVD that was mentioned.
  10. They will be taught sooooooon as well.;)
  11. bboytroopsz?

    is this another bboy i see??
  12. yes i'm a bboy....bboytoopsz....
  13. how can i learn: the card twirl is Huron Lows Firefly Two Card Twirl combined with Andrei's Bullet Move....i love it...
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    You cant!

    Also you forgot Bone's Angel.

  15. Just learn Garrys BumbleBee, theres a tut on youtube.
  16. I can't find Garrys BumbleBee .... can you show me the link on

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