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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by JDENredden, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    We all know how Pandora, TiVo and UnderPressure were thrashed around so much after The Trilogy was released. What do you think the next move to be made in millions of videos on youtube, from andthensome?

    I think it will be The GOAT Change.


  2. Meh, don't really care. They perform it bad, give them tips and help.
  3. the goat change definitly.
    trick has got to be portal. it's going to be everywere
  4. Don't forget The Queens from Trilogy, lol. Yeah probably Portal and GOAT, I'd agree with that.
  5. There are always the few that give great videos guys, so instead of taking time to say how many bad videos there will be, go out and make a good one to spice it up, to show them what a good video is. You guys usually just sit back, and point your fingers at everyone else.
  6. Well, personally, I just go out and study something completely different, and fry spectators with something classic or out of the box. But maybe that's just me.
  7. Oh. How could I forget the Queens. lol

  8. I think it will be goat change definately.
  9. Now You're Thinking With Portals, We can all do magic tricks.
  10. that was completely un-related
  11. not really, he's just explaining what he would do. i think the G.O.A.T. and portal will be the overused videos.
  12. Goat Change and Hedberg All Over

  13. i don't think that it will be the goat because it is too hard for them n00bs
  14. Tivo 2.0 isn't exactly easy though, and look how many times it was performed crappily all over youtube.

  15. Tivo 2.0 is not easy to get smooth and unnoticable but accomplishable too n00bs you can put a video up and it be alright in some areas and other areas completely horrible.

    where as the goat if you do it it turns out either good or a complete disaster i think they will be too frustrated and will decide to skip it
  16. Yeahh... But then again if you take like the Clipshift for example, that wasn't easy either but there are plenty of shocking performances on YouTube.
  17. Haha, and then there's the few people who may actually perform instead of making videos.....
  18. if yo uythink about it

    there are only so many magician i mean a 20 thousand at the most in this country i mean its not that crowded we room for many more .
  19. thats whut im sayin.....rock in ninja.......rock it.:D
  20. This post is more unrelated.

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