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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by JoeCarr, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. anyone have any anger problems with card sleights and flourishes, recently ive become pretty angry when i mess up a sybil or cant spring well and the cards end up on the floor, ive destroyed a brand new tally ho fan back deck, and a few weeks old ghost deck, just today alone, by crushing, ripping and stamping on the cards.,... oh and i put a hole through my wall... :mad:

    anyone have any tips (dont say count to 10) or has the same problem, and i dont mean a little hissy fit, but a full on rage....
  2. You must be quite sad if you get angry just because you can't do a move, go see somebody as this is not normal.
  3. no, it was not being able to do any move i tried be it a spring, cut, diving board double, ego change w.e, on numerous trys, with constant picking of cards off the floor...
  4. i guess its a shame we're not all as perfect as you..
  5. Yes, I said I was perfect and never mess up didn't I?
  6. Start from beginning.
    Lay on a bed. Start your sibyl, and close your eyes.
    When you fail. Grab the blanket and TRY TO STAY CALM.
    Might help.
  7. Yes I had this problem when I was FIRST starting out, but there's nothing anyone on the forums can do. I've never been a big supporter of counting to ten, but I'm sure what you want to hear is that you need to practice. And by practice I don't mean drop the cards over and over again. Analyze what it is that is messing you up. For example, with the sybil, if it's the gripping between three fingers that is messing you up, then first figure out how that grip is supposed to work. Then figure out which finger is messing up, etc. etc. Reverse engineer it as it were.

    But seriously, practice is all that's gonna help. No, you won't be able to do all the moves on your first try, but practice, analyze, correct, repeat.
  8. Wow bro, I understand being frustrated but you just made it look as if you are still angry. That guy is right, it just looks like you are angry in general man, you need to relax a bit.

    Also, you come out looking for advise and the first thing you say is "don't say count to ten" well guess what, COUNT TO TEN my friend, breath deep and think for a second.

    How come the move did not work? Check your finger positions, that is the first critical point that many of us miss. Second, try to slow down. It is another critical point. I know maybe you have done a cut and it works out and then the next time you cant do it worth anything, well, it may work to slow down and try to think the movements through. Also, look at where you learned the material from, read the explanation again, see if you missed anything (I know i have skipped parts because "I already know how to do that" and end up messing up the trick or flourish).

    Above all, take a good look at yourself and what others have accomplished. In a recent interview, Dan and Dave Buck have said that they used to practice their sleights and flourishes for about 8 to 10 hours during high school. That is hard ass work man, but it is worth it if you aspire to be great at anything you do. So, if you feel you are getting angry because you practice a move a whole bunch of times and it still does not work maybe you need a different approach of a different hobby all together. Magic and flourishing both take a ton of patience to do right (a lot of people say they learn things in a day... but how many can perform like the masters in a day?). If nothing else our art can develop your patience and you will be a better person for it.

    As a final remark, please do not lash out at other forum members that are just trying to give you advise. You came here for help, asked a questions, and now you just have to deal with the answers given. If you do not like such answers, then maybe you should not ask questions in an open forum like this one.

    Juan Martinez.
  9. if you're really angry, just remember that you'll be quitting flourishing soon and you won't be bugged by it anymore.
  10. Anger is one thing, and dealing with it is not exactly something we can help with over a forum, however, the cause of your sudden troubles with your moves can perhaps be addressed.

    I have had bouts of time where I seemed to loose the ability to do some things I'e been doing for years, I don't know why, often you are just thinking too much about it.

    This is where it only gets worse. You keep trying and trying, and only are getting more frustrated, making you less likely to be able to do the move, and thus you get more frustrated. It starts a cycle.

    Might I ask how old you are? I had a lot of similar anger issues in my younger years, and would only make them worse when I kept trying, as I was un-able to just put the deck down, or what ever it was, and walk away.

    If you find yourself having this problem, where you can't just stop when you get frustrated, you may want to look into OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder. For me, at least, this was part of the problem, and was why I got so frustrated when I was unable to do something, and I just couldn't stop it.
  11. I agree with the "Stand on the bed" thing. I was told my Kevin H. that that is exactly what he did when he was starting off; its very useful, now that I have gone through a few decks from them hitting the ground at record speed.

    As for the anger thing: It happens to me too, your not alone. Usually it occurs with me when I am tired or am about to do something (or have already done) stressful around the house (or at work). If you get frustrated, take a break; there's no point in sitting around continually dropping decks of cards when you can get up and _________(insert activity)
  12. you can try practicing in front of your bed that way if you drop some cards they would fall on the bed and they wont get damage as much and its easier to pick them up so you wont hurt ur back as much and theorefore you wont be mad/furious/angry/
  13. read em all, cheers for some of the advice, must just be a bad day, decided to make a video of prophet instead... lol (youtube 'joecarr13' if you want)

    oh and sorry farrell, i was just real angry...
  14. hey man! dealing with your anger is something we cant help you on, but dont worry -you're not alone. I too used to rip up cards when i was pissed off flouishing. trust me, as you get better, things will get better ( you will too), and you'll rip up less cards/decks like i have. dont worry man. i see it as just a stage of a flourisher.

  15. thanks man :)
  16. When I can't do the twinsplit restoration. I puch my wall hella hard.
  17. One handed bottom palm. That one usually gets me.

    Oh and if I'm flourishing at home if I drop a few and I know the others are going too, I usually just throw them. It's good angle separation practice to be honest. :p

    - Sean
  18. im glad some people have the same problem, after each failed spring, i spray the cards, and smack the wall... i have pretty purple knuckles atm....
  19. One thing you must absolutely do when you're flourishing is to stay calm and cool.

    No, I mean, really. Dropping cards is normal. Everyone does it. Even Dan and Dave do it. People just starting out naturally drop more cards than others, but that is simply because they haven't gotten used to the grip of the move yet.

    Anyone know the name of the move where you spread the deck on the back of your arm, then jerk it up and catch the whole lot in your palm?

    Yes, I practiced that one for 3 hours straight, dropping the whole deck 8 times out of 10. Nevertheless, I just went to wash my hands whenever I felt a little sweaty at the palms.

    It wasn't just the palms though; I was sweating all over XD

    But I didn't get angry.

    Perhaps you could project to the future. Think about when you practice hard enough, you'll eventually get as good as the professionals ;)
  20. i'm sorry but getting angry over dropping cards is just silly yeah i said silly, just stay calm you don't want to be prefoming and get mad and hit some girl in the head with a speeding card, when i drop cards i do get dissipointed but i wont throw a rampage i will get grounded! :D

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