Angle sensitivity with sleights - Other peoples experiences!

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Deadlyapples, May 18, 2018.

  1. Hi guys so I am still learning new sleights and practicing them for several hours a day even at work sometimes and enjoy it all.

    Currently working on the Cherry control, Selenium Shift and Squeeze shift.

    Cherry control and squeeze shift can get the card to the bottom. (Or 2nd or where ever needed)
    Cherry control and Selenium Shift can get the card to the top. (or 2nd or where ever needed)

    But I just want some peoples opinions on angles with things.

    I find the Selenium shift and squeeze shift is pretty good from most angles. Also because you can hold the cards close to the body angled down its usually invisible.

    With the cherry control I find the angles are the opposite of the other controls as the protruding card before the fan is quite obvious.

    Any tips on managing the angles? I use a mirror to practice and it usually looks good but if I have people around me and to the sides most "moves" will flash.

    Also are there any other goof shifts or moves that are worth looking at and if so where can I learn them? Like what dvd's or books or even downloads? Cheers !
  2. Some moves have angle considerations.

    Consider them.
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  3. Using the mirror is good, but I use three. They are set up so I can view the perspective of of the people at my 12, 2, and 10 o’clock. If you manage your environment you can eliminate people at your 9 and 3. Hope that helps you, it certainly helps me.
  4. Do you guys use small mirrors or quite large mirrors for stand up situation? :) Or both? :D
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  5. Small mirrors are used for table work, large mirrors used for larger angle considerations. Cameras are also good (And most people have a smart phone these days).
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  6. This just popped into my head as something I should try - so I guess I'll post it here

    Practising in front of my mirror with my phone to my right/left, recording. I'll practice, make sure there are no angle sensitivities in the mirror and then check the video on my phone to see how I did there and then I'd improve accordingly :)

    This is something others probably do but that just came to me, I'm going to use it to help me so hope it helps you out too!
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  7. I got an inexpensive 72" adjustable tripod to check angles with video. Make sure you choose one tall enough. I failed to do that the first time I got one.

    I was reading old threads where we were discussing stacks. Did you ever learn one? Just curious.
  8. Didn't get around to it and yet it seems like everyone has an opinion on stacks and what are best so I am just focusing on getting the sleights I use and feel are important first.

    To me a trick is more impressive the fewer cuts you do so I am working on a series of sleights that allow controlling of 1 or more cards to different positions.

    Cherry Control = from anywhere to top, 2nd etc or even bottom.
    Selenium Shift = control to top or 2nd etc etc.
    Squeeze shift = control to bottom or even top if going into a spread or something.

    Also working on the spread pass, turn over pass and diagonal palm shift. I have had friends / magicians tell me it is more impressive at least to their eyes when I don't use double undercuts and stuff and the tricks just happen.

    The issue is getting my angles down 100% :Dv
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  9. Thanks for the update. It's always interesting to see the different routes people take on their way to learning things.
  10. Hi, I'm just saying that the squeeze shift is just basically a crappy version of the straddles pass. Learn the straddle pass because its better as you don't get the rocking hand and the noise.
  11. I ran into the trap of trying to do very difficult stuff to start out with and came to pay for it when I actually performed for people. The list of moves you shared are tough, doable but tough. Keep working on them but if they aren't flying in performance maybe try a simpler set of controls.

    2 pieces of advice for angle sensitive magic.

    -Take a step back if you need to.
    -If the hidden card is supposed to be anywhere near horizontal (like in a tenkai, or lateral palm) make sure it is as horizontal as you can get it.
  12. I dont like using mirrors because the angles arent quiet the same. The reflection of your hands and the sleights in the mirror doesnt mach what the spectator see. I use cameras and move around finding the critical angles.

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