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  1. A bunch of my friends think that for Angle Zero you need a stooge to put a corner somewhere for you. Is it true? I don't think so but i'm not sure
  2. no stooges
  3. nope. none.
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    No stooges. ...
  5. yeah it is just u and takes almost no set up very good buy it
  6. stop asking to many questions just buy it you wont be sorry...

  7. No, no stooges. It's a great trick that gets amazing reactions.
  8. Absolutely no stooges, very little setup, very simple handling, quick and to the point, and doesn't leave room for any questions. The reactions are great, this is a high impact trick, not for the faint of heart ;-)
    In short, buy it, even if costs 300$, it'll still be worth the money... I simply love this effect.
  9. $300 is pushing it!
  10. yeah don't spend more than $180 on it lol it is awesome buy it
  11. Angle Zero confirms my personal belief that the best, hardest-hitting, AWE-inspiring effects are typically very, very, very simple.

    Oh and Witness, too :p
  12. Its a very clever method, you dont need stooges altough you could use them if you really wanted to.

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