Anna D. Final act


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Nov 12, 2016
LA (Lower Alabama)
So Anna did had an excellent final performance:

I would like to point out Sofias card was wrong because Anna was mocking her for last performance when Sofia didn’t know the difference between spade and clubs. But Anna forgot to say the joke

I’d recommend voting for her here:

And yes you can see my defense of her here:
Aug 16, 2015
Well she has some talent. Her stage presence, interaction with audience and panel, and demeanor and attitude need A LOT of work. She needs to work with someone to show her what is important in presenting yourself. Her final performance was interesting and a little ballsy. And she actually got fried with Sofia and also Howie's selection which you could see on camera, thus revealing the method so far as the judges' envelopes are concerned. There have been far better magicians that didnt make it half as far. But that is the vagaries of the general public. I am certain she can become very good with the right mentoring.
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