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  1. Hey,

    So recently I bought Ted Annemann's Card Magic ebook from It contains two of his books. The first one is Ted Annemann's Full Deck of Impromtu Card Trick and the second one is Annemann's Miracles of Card Magic. I'm very amaze with his work and the cost of this is a steal. Its only 4 bucks and it contains 155 effects. This sounds more like a review, but go check this out guys. I start to skim through it and I can see many effects going into my routine.

    So does anyone have any thoughts on this ebook or on Annemann's work?
  2. Nino, I am absolutely a fan of Annemann's work! I used his trick Magic vs. Mindreading as an opening or closing trick depending on the structure of the routine. Lot's of diabolical thinking in his work. The only works I have of his is Shh...It's a Secret and Practical Mental Effects. Not familiar with the books you mentioned, but I guarantee you, you cannot go wrong with any of it!

    Did you see that deal that website has. Damn near all of Annemann's work on CD-Rom for 75 bucks! WOW! When I get paid next, i'm going to take advantage of that!

    Let me know how that book is treating you, and some effects that caught your fancy Nino, I am a huge fan! ;D
  3. There's a good reason he is considered one of the two basic pillars of mentalism - and it's not just because his mentalism stuff is good!
  4. One of my all time favorites is Annemann's Miracle.
  5. You should pick this up now industrialchild! It's only 4 bucks and you get a load of effects that will work with you routine in gigs. The effects here involes with the audience throught out the routine. Some effects that I really like are Three Perdiciton, Nufind, and The Spectator's Choice. I have to mention that the ebook has his works and many other great magicans.
  6. Everyone should know my opinion on Annemann.

    My favourite book I own is Life and Times of a Legend it is a complation ofhis lifes work. With that book and everything else in the Jinx you can read one effect and it will inspire you to look into it like that.

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